Track 29


Land Great Britain
Year 1987
Director Nicolas Roeg
Script Dennis Potter
CinematographyAlex Thomson
Editing Tony Lawson
Music Stanley Myers
Production Designer David Brockhurst
Costumes Shuna Harwood
Sound David Stephenson
Starring Theresa Russell (Linda Henry), Gary Oldman (Martin), Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Henry Henry), Colleen Camp (Arlanda), Sandra Bernhard (Sister Stein), Seymour Cassel (Dr. Bernhard Fairmont)
Producer Rick McCallum
Production Hand Made Films
Length 90 min.
Format 35 mm, colour

Texan housewife Linda Henry is haunted by the vision of the son she was forced to give up when she was fifteen. Her husband, a peculiar doctor who is having an affair with a nurse, offers no comfort to the tormented woman. When a mysterious figure, Martin, appears and reminds her of her long-lost son, past and present, reality and fiction begin to merge... - "I suppose it's about how we become the persons others want us to be, although we stay the child we originally were. You can become a great brain surgeon or politician - but immediately the door shuts, out come the model aeroplanes" (Nicolas Roeg).


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