The Man Who Fell To Earth

Land Great Britain
Year 1976
Directed by Nicolas Roeg
Script Paul Mayersberg from the novel of Walter Tevis
Cinematography Anthony Richmond
Editing Graeme Clifford
Music John Phillips
Production Designer Brian Eatwell
Costumes May Routh
Sound Robin Gregory
Starring David Bowie (Thomas Newton), Candy Clark (Mary Lou), Buck Henry (Farnsworth), Rip Torn (Bryce), Bernie Casey (Peters), Jackson D. Kane (Professor Canutti), Rick Ricardo (Trevor)
Producers Michael Deeley, Barry Spikings
Production British Lion International
Length 140 Min.
Format 35 mm, Colour

The mystically melancholic story of an alien who comes to Earth from a distant, doomed planet to look for a means of survival for his people. Unable to understand the humans' feelings, fears and aggression, he finds Earth turning into a prison of sex, alcohol and violence. In the end, the institutions of our society destroy him as they try to get to the bottom of his secret. - "Maybe THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH can be read as the unflattering sci-fi contribution to the American Bicentennial" (Neil Sinyard).

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