"The only performance that makes it, that really makes it all the way, is the one that achieves madness."

Land Great Britain
Year 1970
Director Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg
Script Donald Cammell
Cinematography Nicolas Roeg
Editing Antony Gibbs
Music Jack Nitzsche
Production Designer John Clark
Starring James Fox (Chas), Mick Jagger (Turner), Anita Pallenberg (Pherber), Michele Breton (Lucy), Stanley Meadows (Rosebloom), John Bindon (Moody)
Producer Sanford Lieberson
Production Goodtimes Productions
Length 105 Minutes
Format 35 mm, colour

Performance A flashy young gangster called Chas has to go on the run when he antagonizes his boss, Harry Flowers, by murdering a rival in a grudge vendetta. He eventually hides out in a house run by a reclusive pop star in retirement, Turner, who has two young ladies, Pherber and Lucy, also in attendance. They begin to put pressure on Chas, feeding him drugs and breaking down his sense of identity. The climax is violent. The film follows not so much a linear plot as a cluster of themes and structured juxtapositions: life & death, male & female, sanity & insanity, reality & performance, wholeness of personality & disintegration of identity" (Neil Sinyard).

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