Heart of Darkness

Land USA
Year 1993
Director Nicolas Roeg
Script Benedict Fitzgerald from the novella of Joseph Conrad
Cinematography Anthony B. Richmond
Editing Louise Rubacky
Music Stanley Myers
Production Designer Paul J. Peters
Costumes Deborah Everton
Starring Tim Roth (Charlie Marlow), John Malkovich (Kurtz), Isaach De Bankole, James Fox, Morten Faldaas, Patrick Ryecart, Iman
Producers Bob Christiansen, Rick Rosenberg
Production Chris/Rose Production/Turner Pictures
Length 110 Min.
Format 35 mm, Colour

Nicolas Roeg adapted Joseph Conrad's novella for cable television. Charlie Marlow, the captain of a British steamer, signs a contract with a Belgian shipping company: he is to travel into the African jungle and collect some precious ivory - at any price. What begins as a dream trip soon becomes a horrific nightmare for Marlowe. A man whose name pursues him throughout his voyage, about whom people talk, variously, with respect, fear and hatred, is the key to the ivory: Kurtz. He is a man who lives in the jungle, surrounded by a loyal and powerful army. He has his own laws and knows how to enforce them, come what will...

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