Don't Look Now

Don't Look

Land Great Britain/Italy
Year 1973
Directed by Nicolas Roeg
Script Allan Scott, Chris Bryant from the short story by Daphne du Maurier
Cinematography Anthony Richmond
Editing Graeme Clifford
Music Pino Donnagio
Production Designer Giovanni Socol
Sound Peter Davies
Starring Julie Christie (Laura Baxter), Donald Sutherland (John Baxter), Hilary Mason (Heather), Clelia Matania (Wendy), Massimo Serato (Bishop Barbariggo), Renato Scarpa (Inspector Longhi)
Producer Peter Katz
Production Casey Productions/Eldorado Films
Length 110 Min.
Format 35 mm, Colour

Don't Look
Now After the accidental death of their daughter, John and Laura Baxter come to Venice during the winter. Whilst there, they meet two mysterious sisters, one of whom is blind and supposedly possesses clairvoyant powers. Laura falls completely under the spell of this woman's strange visions. John fights with all his might against the signs from the realm of the world beyond. - "I wanted to have them be almost golden people, so that it became rather like the incident at Chappaquiddick. Like the Kennedy family. They were unprepared in life. Most people are, aren't they?" (Nicolas Roeg)

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