Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession

Land Great Britain
Year 1980
Director Nicolas Roeg
Script Yale Udoff
Cinematography Anthony Richmond
Editing Tony Lawson
Music Richard Hartley
Production designer David Brockhurst
Starring Art Garfunkel (Dr. Alex Linden), Theresa Russell (Milena), Harvey Keitel (Inspector Netusil), Denholm Elliott (Stefan), Daniel Massey (Affected Man), Dana Gillespie (Amy)
Producer Jeremy Thomas
Production The Recorded Picture Company
Length 129 Min.
Format 35 mm, Colour

"A siren blares. A young woman, Milena, is rushed to a hospital in Vienna, having apparently taken an overdose of sleeping pills. With her in the ambulance is Dr. Alex Linden, with whom Milena has been having a tortured and traumatic affair. As Milena is treated on the operating table, Dr. Linden is questioned by the police, and gradually the development of their relationship is pieced together" (Neil Sinyard). - "The title of that film was originally different [Illusions]... I woke up one day and thought of BAD TIMING which sounds exactly like the right title - for my career" (Nicolas Roeg).

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