Skillsters Hip hop has now its own Esquivel, its own Chevy Chase, its own Jerky Boys: Skillsters. Okke and Riku, two Biz Markie freaks from Tampere, Finland, met in winter 1995 when the times were rough: temperature was well over 40 degrees Celsius below zero, Mika Häkkinen was in coma after a serious car crash in Australia, and Finnish underground dance scene was still concentrated on artsy technoise. So Okke and Riku decided to start a crusade to change the whole picture. Skillsters were born.

It took almost two years to finish this amazing debut. The record was practically ready to be released in the summer of '96, but the master tapes disappeared when our unlucky heroes were lost on their way home from the Pyssy studios in Lapland. Okke and Riku started all over again and, finally, on 26th of October, 1997 (the same day Mika Häkkinen won his first grand prix) the first Pyssy release was ready to be unleashed.

Skills? Plenty! is a cut'n'paste masterpiece: over 200 samples, wicked scratching and one hell of a groove make this debut release from da Skillztas a future classic. Comparisons to Coldcut are likely, but Skillsters stand alone in their craft and vision, reminiscent of the groundbreaking work of Peanut Butter Wolf and Bassbin Twins.


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PYSSY FUN FACT #1: Skillsters' favourite pastime is cross country skiing.


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