Artist: Panasonic
Title : Osasto
Label : Blast First!
Cat No: BFFP128
Format: CDS

Ura nokemia

It's odd, but for some reason the indie-pop kids have decided that this EP is perfectly acceptable electronica. In a world where bands can play Moog versions of grunge songs with a completely straight face, anything is possible, I suppose. I don't have the heart to point out to these kids (most of whom are extremely protective of their hard-won indie cred) that this EP sounds like nothing so much as the experimental hardcore tracks that Richie Hawtin used to put out as Circuit Breaker or Cybersonik on Probe a few years back ("Jackhammer" or "Machine Gun", anyone?). Just because these guys are "experimental" and use modular synths doesn't make them any less technoheads.

In short, I think this EP is great. Hard, distorted beats (how fast is Telako? 300-something BPM? Faster?) overlaid with abrasive textures and minimal modular noodlings over the top. I can easily see myself using "Murto" on a dancefloor, and every track on this EP makes good, albeit monochromatic listening. If you liked those old Probe EPs, you need this EP. Is all of Panasonic's recent stuff this good?

Ozymandias G. Desiderata

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