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19/01/01: World Tour dates finally! / 'Aaltopiiri' review at Grooves Magazine / IBM @ Paris 180101 review

Pan sonic's World Tour dates can be now found at Mick Thompson's excellent Pan sonic page: (click "Pansonic" from the menu).

There's also a review of the new album 'Aaltopiiri' at Grooves Magazine:

And a review of IBM's performance in Beauborg, Paris, 18 January 2001:

By Yan (

So here a review of this "show".

The three friends start concert at 20:45 P.M.. Three chairs on stage, differents cables, boxes... a screen behind them that represents only frequencies disturbing by noise. Because, the show was very indus-harsh electronics like Whitehouse. Not very ambient. During one hour they deconstruct the sound. Very impressive and strong. The public, may be many people, thought they played minimalist, ambient music. But not at all. As I said that was power or more harsh noise electronics. INDUSSSSSSSS! Lobotomie du cerveau (I don't find the words in English and I'm French).

16/01/01: Pan sonic live in Singapore

venue: insomnia cafe
address: block 4, new bugis st #01-04 singapore 18868
date: 17th february 2001 (saturday)

15/01/01: Pan sonic live in Australia

Pan sonic will play live gigs at What Is Music? festival in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

  • Friday, February 23, 2001: Newtown RSL, 52 Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

  • Thursday, March 1, 2001: Revolver, 229 Chapel Street, Prahran, Melbourne, Australia

    10/01/01: A new Pan sonic promo picture...

    ... by Sebastian Mayer, from Mute, can be found here (thanks, Jon).

    28/12/00: IBM & Ilpo Väisänen releases on Mego, January 2001

    Mego Records, Austria, will be releasing in January 2001 some Pan sonic related items (see artwork here):

    MEGO 033/045 IBM: The Oval Recording LP+7"
    Recorded by Ilpo Väisänen, Bruce Gilbert & Mika Vainio at Oval Mansions,
    London  01.04.98.
    Edited by Rehberg & Bauer at Random Studios, Vienna 20.11.99.
    Cut by Rashad at D+M, Berlin  31.08.00.
    LP 33 rpm
    Side A
    Side B
    7" 45 rpm
    Side A
    Side B
    MEGO 037 Ilpo Väisänen: Asuma CD
    8 tracks. Artwork & RealAudio here.
    Autiottu 1
    Arvioimaton Ongelma
    Autiottu 1

    23/12/00: Tracklist for "Aaltopiiri"

    The tracklist and timings for Pan sonic's new album Aaltopiiri (out on Blast First!, January 16 2001) here:

     1. Ensi (00:35)
     2. Vaihtovirta (06:38)
     3. Toisaalta (00:31)
     4. Johdin (05:46)
     5. Kuu (01:26)
     6. Äänipää (03:49)
     7. Arvio (01:24)
     8. Liuos (06:16)
     9. Ulottuvuus (05:57)
    10. Hallapyydys (04:42)
    11. Reuna-Alue (09:29)
    12. Valli (06:18)
    13. Kone (04:19)
    14. Johto 3 (03:48)
    15. Murskaus (01:37)
    16. Rasite (00:51)
    17. Kierto (06:10)

    18/12/00: EMI-7 @ The Cooler, New York City


    Edward Quist, Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen and Lary 7 will perform as EMI-7 on December 30, 2000, at the Cooler. The set will be completely improvised with an array of synths, samplers, computers and archaic sound generators.

    (Click the image on the right to see the details of poster.)

    15/12/00: IBM (Bruce Gilbert & Pan sonic) @ Centre Georges Pompidou, January 2001

    IBM (Bruce Gilbert/Ilpo Väisänen/Mika Vainio) will perform at Centre Georges Pompidou (a.k.a. Beauborg), Paris, on 18 January, 2001. Time: 20:30 hours.

    13/12/00: Pan sonic interview in Finnish

    A brand new Pan sonic interview in Finnish (also on WindowsMedia) can be found from:

    5/12/00: Pan sonic live in New York, NY

    Pan sonic will do two gigs in New York, late December 2000:

  • Saturday 30 December: The Cooler
  • Sunday 31 December: Knitting Factory (with Suicide)

    28/11/00: Pan sonic live @ Numero Festival, Lisbon

    Pan sonic will appear live on 30 November, 2000, at the Numero Festival, Lisbon, Portugal.

    9/11/00: an unreleased Pan sonic track on Avanto compilation / Pan sonic live stream @ Avanto festival

    Avanto-00, a collection published in connection of Avanto electronic music festival of Helsinki includes a previously unreleased Pan sonic track, 'Johto 4', recorded live at Club Telex of Tampere, Finland, on 23 September 1999. The version is also heard on Ed Quist's video "Kuvaputki". -> live streaming

    (Finnish time: Central European Time + 1)

    Sunday 12 November (20:00 hours) - Pan sonic

    18/10/00: Pan sonic @ Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin / FM Einheit collaboration info

    Pan sonic will play live on Friday 20 October 2000 at Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin, Germany.

    "Pan Sonic are part of two FM Einheit releases, available on his German label FM451 via Indigo. The first is "Frost" by Ammer/Einheit (2000, performed 1998) and the second is "Public Recording" by Gry with FM Einheit and his Orchestra (2000, performed Feb 2000 in Munich.) Both are fabulous!" - Nancy @

    5/10/00: Ilpo Väisänen solo album on Mego

    The forthcoming Ilpo Väisänen solo album on Mego Records (Austria) is called Asuma (CD), and the catalogue number is Mego 037.

    2/10/00: "Aaltopiiri", forthcoming Pan sonic album

    The forthcoming Pan sonic album (scheduled to 16 January, 2001) on Blast First! is called Aaltopiiri (crude translation perhaps "Wave circle"). There's one track, called 'Kierto', on the compilation 2-CD The Wire Tapper 6, given away free to the subscribers with the October 2000 issue of The Wire.

    26/8/00: Pan sonic live @ Avanto festival, Helsinki, Finland + Mika Vainio with Fennesz & Rehberg @ Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

    Pan sonic will play live at Avanto, Helsinki Media Art Festival, 8-12 November 2000. Other performers will be Fennesz and Pita of Mego Records (Austria), Kaffe Matthews, Merzbow and Scanner. Also "Kuvaputki" documentary on Pan sonic, by Ed Quist, will be shown.

    Mika Vainio performs also at Club Telex, Tampere, Finland, 8 November 2000, as a combo with Fennesz & Rehberg of Mego Records (Austria).

    25/7/00: Pan sonic live @ Futura 2000 festival, Crest, France

    Pan sonic will play live at Futura 2000 festival of Tour De Crest, Crest, France, 23-26 August 2000. Futura 2000 is a festival of electroacoustic and contemporary electronic music taking place in a French medieval castle in Crest. Other performers are Luc Ferrari, Michel Chion, Aphex Twin, Francis Dhomont, Plastikman, Erik M, Bernhard Günter, Trevor Wishart and many more. Contact:

    14/7/00: Pan sonic live @ Koneisto festival, Turku, Finland

    Pan sonic will play live at Koneisto electronic music festival, Turku, Finland, August 4-5, 2000.

    1/7/00: Pan sonic interview @ Adventures In Sound

    A Pan sonic interview published summer 1999 in Stylus magazine, Canada, can now be found from Adventures In Sound webzine at

    29/6/00: VVE & other Sonar artists @ Intuitive Music

    There´s a picture and a comment on V.V.E's gig at Sonar @ Intuitive Music.
    You can have a look at it at "Sonar 2000 The Music", in the Techno Gallery page:

    21/6/00: Sonar review @ NME

    A review written by NME's Piers Martin can be found here. If you've got any comments or live reviews of Pan sonic & FM Einheit's performance, etc., please, let me know.

    7/6/00: "Kuvaputki" world premiere & Vainio, Väisänen, Einheit live at Sonar, Barcelona

    Friday 16 June, 16.00h & Saturday 17 June, 18.00h @ Sonar, Barcelona (see "Sonarcinema" for more info): "Kuvaputki - A recreation of the monotonous universe of Pan sonic based on evocative images and live takes from this Finnish duo. World premiere."

    Also, V.V.E. (Vainio, Väisänen, Einheit) live at Sonar's Escenario Hall, 20.05h, Friday 16 June 2000.

    19/5/00: Pan sonic/Charlemagne Palestine collaboration on Staalplaat

    Out now is Pan sonic's new collaboration CD with an experimental artist called Charlemagne Palestine in the Mort Aux Vaches series, and I heard it's exclusively available through Staalplaat. There's catalogue/ordering info at:

    9/5/00: Pan sonic NYC update

    greg davis < > on idm list:
    "next weekend in NY there is a electronic music festival in brooklyn. may
    the details are at:
    pita/fennesz/pansonic/matt wand/speedranch/etc.
    also i think pita and fennesz along with mika vainio are playing at bard
    on may 13th."

    8/5/00: Pan sonic Budapest gig (10 June 2000) details (updated 17/5/00)

    Info from:

    ParaRadio and Optimal presents X-Peripheria Festival
    2000.06.10. 21.00-06.00
    SuperSonic Technikum, Budapest
    Main room: PanSonic (SF), Pita, Hecker, Skot (Mego-A),
    Porousher, Terra Rossa, Woo Logic Electronica, Rianas, General
    Electric, Samhain Biolab (all Hungarian live acts)
    Other room: Dork, Alpina, T-Zso, Odin, Reakhtor, Placid, Mechanova
    (all DJs from Budapest)
    Visuals: Skot (Mego-A), .Iorg, Tim Grabham (UK), Prell

    Website should soon open at:

    4/5/00: Pan sonic at Beer and Sausage at the Polish National Home festival, NYC

    Info from:

    "Pan Sonic will be appearing at 'Beer and Sausage at the Polish
    National Home,' a three-day festival of experimental music to be
    held in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The festival will be held at the
    Polish National Home, located at 261 Driggs Ave. (corner of Eckford),
    and will take place on May 10-12, 2000.  Featured performers include:
    Pan Sonic, Mr. Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Matt Wand (of Stock, Hausen
    & Walkman), Pita, Christian Fennesz, To Live and Shave in L.A.,
    People Like Us, Lary Seven, Flux Information Sciences, The Melted Men
    w/ Irene Moon, Andrew W.-K., Speedranch^Jansky Noise, The Hungry
    March Band, Electro-Putas, Edward Quist and Electrophilia.  DJs
    include: Bill Bronson, DJ Otefsu (aka, Foetus/J.G. Thirlwell) and
    Fabio.  The event, in essence, is a benefit for the performers, as
    all profits are redistributed them.
    For those unfamiliar with the Polish National Home, it is three
    blocks from the Nassau Ave. G train stop and about nine blocks from
    the Bedford Ave. L train stop.  Facilities include a ballroom with
    high ceilings, a great stage, a balcony and massive oil paintings.
    Of course, having the Polish National Home as host to this event also
    has its culinary advantages.  Food will include pierogies, kielbasa,
    meatballs and all the beer a rational human can swallow.  Ticket
    prices are $13 advance purchase, $15 'night of' and $35 for a
    3-day pass; they can be purchased at Other Music (15 East 4th St.), Earwax
    Records (Bedford Ave. and 5th St. in Williamsburg), by emailing or calling (212) 252-6800.
    Schedule is as follows (and remember to arrive 15-30 minutes ahead of
    schedule to ensure seeing any given act):
    Weds., May 10, 2000
    8:00 PM The Hungry March Band
    8:45 PM Andrew WK
    9:30 PM The Melted Men
    10:30 PM People Like Us
    12:00 PM Mr. Quintron & Miss Pussycat
    [DJ: Bill Bronson]
    Thurs., May 11, 2000
    8:00 PM Electophilia
    8:45 PM Flux Information Sciences
    10:00 PM Speedranch^Jansky Noise
    10:45 PM To Live and Shave in L.A.
    12:00 PM Matt Wand (of Stock, Hausen & Walkman/Vicki Bennett (of
    People Like Us)
    [DJ: Otefsu]
    Fri., May 12, 2000
    8:00 PM Lary Seven
    8:45 PM Electro-Putas
    9:45 PM Pita
    10:30 PM Christian Fennesz
    11:00 PM Ed Quist
    12:00 PM Pan Sonic
    [DJ: Fabio]
    Poland may not be known for experimental music, but it is undoubtedly
    the home of the best sausage on Earth.  F*ck your little
    wienerschnitzel? We're talking big, fat kielbasa, here!"

    19/4/00: Pan sonic live sets in Buenos Aires & Budapest

    Pan Sonic will be playing live for the first time at Buenos Aires (Argentina) on May the 18th and the 21st, both times at Morocco.
    If you want more information, you can check this club's Web site, as well as the Web site for Fragil Discos (Argentinian electronic music) at
    Any comments, you can email to

    Pan sonic will also be playing an event called X-Peripheria in Budapest, Hungary, on June 10th, 2000.
    Other acts confirmed are Pita, Hecker and Skot from Mego, Vienna.

    24/3/00: Pan sonic @ art show, September in Hamburg

    22 September 2000: "Aussendienst, Sound aka Space", Hamburg. Art show with Pan sonic, Carsten Nicolai, Daniel Pflumm (he did a lot with Elektro Music Department) and Chicks On Speed.

    24/3/00: New Mika Vainio solo album

    A new solo album from Mika at Touch, called Kajo ("Glow"/"Shimmer"). See more info here.

    29/2/00: Ilpo Väisänen remixing Hecker

    A remix by Pan sonic's Ilpo Väisänen can be found at Hecker's "[R*] iso|chall" CD, available on Mego Records. More info here.

    25/2/00: Pan sonic opening for Wire in New York

    Yes, it's now official: Pan sonic has been confirmed as an opener for the Wire show at Irving Plaza, NYC on May 15, 2000... Pan sonic also play Brooklyn Polish National Home on May 12th with Mika Gira's band & others.

    23/2/00: Pan sonic 1995 Peel Session now downloadable

    At Tones'N'Drones page:

    7/2/00: Info on forthcoming Pan sonic activities

    Pan sonic News can be found from the excellent Tones and Drones page (


    Raster / Noton's 20' To 2000 reviews at: Includes some RealAudio snippets (among all Mika Vainio).


    Pan sonic's Urania video at:
    (Thanks for the tip to Tom Brady.)

    28/12/99: has Netcast archives from Noton 20' To 2000 on 14 December, 1999, Berlin, including Vainio & Väisänen; also Pan sonic performance from "New Forms".

    10/12/99: Pan sonic live, January 2000 @ Knitting Factory, NYC

    Subject: FW: Knitting Factory Festival
    Caipirinha Music's publicist
    passed on this info.
    This festival (happening in NYC) looks like it'll be worth traveling
    long-distance to attend. It's not all confirmed,
    but take a gander anyway, if you feel inclined.
    Tuesday Jan 20
    Morton Subotnick
    Pauline Oliveros
    Tony Conrad
    Wed  Jan 21
    Elliot Sharp
    Jim O Rourke trio (unconfirmed)
    Silver Apples unconfirmed
    Thursday Jan 22
    Carl Craig & friends feat members of Innerzone Orchestra
    Spacetime Continuum
    Fri / Sat Jan 23 & 24
    Sun Jan 23

    12/11/99: Vainio & Väisänen, December 1999, Berlin

    flyer and de:bug present:
    20 minutes to 2000
    december 14, 1999
    berlin: rosa-luxemburg-platz
    start: 9 p.m. (sharp!)
    live-presentation/performance of the twelve 20-minute-compositions issued
    as the "20' to 2000" series on rastermusik/noton, involving all
    live @
    >21.00    komet  (germany, rastermusic, member of signal, produkt)
    >21.20    ilpo vaisanen (finland, sähkö, blast first, member of pansonic)
    >21.40    ryoji ikeda (japan, touch, cci, member of dumb type)
    >22.00    COH (russia, rastermusic)
    >22.20    beytone (germany, rastermusic, member of signal, produkt)
    >22.40    senking (germany, karaoke kalk, work also as kandis)
    >23.00    thomas brinkmann (germany, ernst label)
    >23.20    scanner (united kingdom, subrosa)
    >23.40    noto (germany, noton, rastermusic, member of produkt, signal)
    >24.00    mika vainio (finland, sähkö, blastfirst, ø ,philus, member of
    >00.20    wolfgang voigt (germany, profan, studio1, mike ink, gas)
    >00.40    elph (united kingdom, members of coil)
    realtime visuals by [oszo]? (d), tonne aka paul farrington (uk), mash
    studio (jp),  raster-noton + images by wolfgang voigt
    from 1.00 afterhour at the roter salon with special guests
    NOTE!!! All scheduled times subject to change, so be early!

    7/11/99: Pan sonic live report from Lisbon

    Subject: pan sonic in lisbon yesterday!!!

    I just want to give you you some info about pan sonic. they played yesterday here in lisbon (portugal) in an art festival, that has as its theme: apocalyptic sensibility - festival atlantico.

    the concert was brutally excellent. the first part was by felix kubin, a pop kitsch singer who made a nice contrast with the pan sonic. pan sonic played really loud at a degraded place near the tejo river. a really small place full of pan sonic fans, artists, musicians, architects and girls, which gave a real nice ambience to the concert. they played really, really loud. they didn't said a word during the whole concert and everything was so strangely (and well) done. they were just pushing some buttons, without really moving or looking anywhere!! i think that's a finnish tradition? the sounds were extremely, brutally loud. those minimal beats with distorted electric noises were fantastically organized in such a perfect way. so pure. that´s what minimal is all about, isn´t it? leaving space for us to be able of thinking by ourselves, being ourselves.

    I think they had a great time, pumping up the volume, until half the audience had to cover their ears, and then in the high... pum!!! silence. just silence... and the whole audience in fear of the next sonic electronic hammer sound!!! it was so great.

    the concert was yesterday 6 november, 1999. next week we will have stilluppsteya, francisco lopez and thomas brinkmann, here in lisbon. maybe we will see you there?

    29/10/99: Pan sonic @ Sibelius Academy, December 1999, Helsinki

    Official info page

    Pan Sonic comes to play to the Electric Hall (Chamber Music Hall) of Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, on December 18, 20:00.

    The program consists of 2 sections: the first one, about 40 minutes long, will be a session with a selected students team and Pan Sonic. Then a 20 minutes break, a kind of intermission when the 20's avantgarde film 'Ballet Mechanique' will be shown, with a new composed electronic music score. The last section is Pan Sonic band solo for about another 45 minutes. The Academy's cafe will be open for drinks and refreshments. The entire concert will be webcast live worldwide.

    For more info, check You can also mail Shinji Kanki,


    Kiasma, Mannerheiminaukio 2, Helsinki
    Friday 5 November 1999:

    Mika Vainio live
    at the opening of Cities On The Move 7 exhibition.
    6 pm - 8 pm


    26/10/99: Mika Vainio's 20 to 2000 release

    Some info from the Raster-Noton camp...

    The October EP from the 20 to 2000 by Mika Vainio was delayed a bit due to problems with the pressing plant. But now all is fixed and in Vainio's 20 to 2000 release should be out by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

    Also, for audio samples of raster-noton releases, they suggest that you visit and do a search for "raster" or "noton."

    (Thanks for the info to Lance McGannon.)

    Pan sonic Finnish Tour

    Thu Sep 23rd - Tampere - Club Telex @ Yo-Talo
    Fri Sep 24th - Turku - Dynamo
    Tue Sep 28th - Helsinki - Saunabar


    [Pan sonic Activation by DJ Brynmore (8.5 MB)]


    Johto 2-----A
    Telako------Osasto EP

    [Pan sonic Transposition by DJ Brynmore (8.1MB)]


    Uranokemia------Osasto EP

    All records mixed live at the Dubbiest Dope Dish by dj brynmore


    An ad from the latest Wire [] magazine:


    P A N S O N I C

    will undertake a round the world
    trip in may/june 2000

    maybe you can organise
    a concert for them?

    no guaranteed fee is required
    only accomodation & food for 3 days
    a good p.a. for the performance
    & a share of any money made


    fax: 44 171 265 1046

    7/7/99: Pan sonic 'Vakio' Vinyl Re-release

  • Pan sonic - "Vakio" album re-released on vinyl (VBFFP118, Blast First)
  • Pan sonic gigs in Finland for September.
  • Mika confirms solo album released under a new Swedish label very soon.

    Tracks played in Boston:

    Into -
    Maa -
    Artic rangers
    Johto 2

    Equipment during US tour:

    Akai MPC2000 (no hard drive - just floppy disks)
    Mackie 1202vlz mixer
    The "typewriter" homemade tone generator
    compact Behringer mixer
    Boss pedal with top ripped off
    1 unit rack Digitech processor
    Oscilloscope with projector

    21/4/99: Pan sonic in Boston

    From Biophilia mailing list:

    Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 03:50:44 EDT
    Subject: Pansonic: More Liquor Please!

    Hey all...

    I did make it to Pansonic & Trans Am. I did the interview way before Ilpo and Mika went on, and it just HELL. First, PanSonic's projection-machine wasn't working and they were waiting for someone to come and fix it for them... this was when their tour manager said "Go do this interview"... I asked Mika "Do you want to fix your projection machine?" and Mika said disgruntled "no, we'll do this interview"... not a good sign. It's very obvious Mika is sick of touring. Ilpo was in a better mood, though and was pretty friendly. I tried to joke a bit with Mika but that didn't get far. So the interview didn't last too long...

    Anyway, the first band to open was Laddio Bolocko who were pretty awful... boring prog-rock that was a little noisy, but aimless. Pansonic was second and played for 30 minutes. They did some nice things but I think the majority of it was pre-recorded from a hard-disk (I know they played a direct-from disk recording of "Telakoe" from the "Osasto" EP [no, they didn't, says another source... go figure]) . They never got their projections to work so all it was Ilpo & Mika touching knobs... not really exciting. (and some guy videotaped the whole thing, which I didn't understand.) The audience seemed to have a lot of fans of PanSonic though... I would say there was maybe 100 people or so and a lot of them cheered the loudest when PanSonic had moments of white noise feedback!... we have strange noise-freaks here in Boston ;) One really drunk guy behind me kept yelling 'Where's Jimi Tenor?". Unfortunately, though, I don't think people seemed very impressed by their show... even fans of Pansonic said "not too exciting".

    Trans Am were the last band, and they are really huge in Boston (the place filled up to about 400 people). They were pretty boring and aimless as well... trying to be a bit Kraftwerk and a bit drone-rock and mostly... well, not too exciting. One strange thing about the show was that Pansonic had nothing to sell for merchandise... no T-shirts, no CD's, nothing!

    I made sure to visit the bar a lot.

    All other Americans on the list who will see Pansonic, give a review also! I wanna see if things change as the tour continues.


    23/3/99: Pan sonic Cancels Their European Gigs

    As expected, Pan sonic's remaining European gigs for the rest of March are cancelled. Besides this announcement, there's no official explanation from their record label yet, but everyone who read the 22/3/99 posting to The Wire mailing list (below) may guess the probable reasons...

    Their tour schedule on Mute still has their 8th and 10th of April gigs in London left, so let's hope for the best, that these "problems" are only temporary, and Pan sonic will return to the stages as a duo of Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen, knowing they've got our full support behind them.

    Pan sonic Goes Berserk In Rome

    (from The Wire Mailing List)

    Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 11:35:10 +0100
    To: The Wire < >
    Mailing-List: list; contact
    Subject: [thewire] Pan Sonic's "cabaret show"!
    From: Eric < >


    I just wanted to give you a little scoop about Pan Sonic. They came yesterday to Rome and SchneiderTM started playing at 19h00... really, really good. And after an hour or so, Pan Sonic came out and played, oh... 25 minutes because one of them (I don't know his name but his the black haired one) went completely mad! At first he was shouting, smashing his Roland on the table... kind of a show. But then, he broke a chair, and went COMPLETELY out of his head. So much that his partner left the stage angry and he continued for another minute or so just smashing things until two security guys came to pick him up! Pretty pathetic my friends.

    It was, at that time, 20h30 and they had to catch their plane to Finland at 23h00... they just did this huge favor to the Roman people to come by 15 minutes, got drunk and left. Anyway, I prefered much more Schneider and I am glad that I saw them.

    Bye, ERIC

    PS: we did have a 50% refund though!!!!!!!!

  • According to the news from Mute / Blast First Panasonic has officially changed their name, and are from now on called "Pan sonic".

  • A new long play called A (according to some other sources, Advance) out at February 22, 1999. Also, a 12" called B coming on March 29, 1999.

  • Pan sonic History, with info on our heroes' latest adventures, now updated!

  • Looking for Pan sonic/Mika Vainio/Sähkö Recordings merchandise such as T-shirts? The best designs for them are made by Atte Vainio (Mika's kid brother) and he can be contacted at: Atte Vainio, Puutarhakatu 40 as. 25, 20100 TURKU FINLAND EUROPE. No email, I'm afraid... You can ask for them also from Mind Records.

    Prices: usually around 80 FIM ($14.50) (+ P&P)
    (Thanks for info: Jari Nikkola)

  • Pan Sonic - a-Tour European dates 1999:

    03.02. Paris (F) Centre Pompidou
    14.02. London (GB) The Garage
    03.03. Dijon (F) Svoboda
    04.03. Bern (CH) Reitschule
    05.03. Zürich (CH) Rote Fabrik
    06.03. Lausanne (CH) Dolce Vita
    07.03. Thun (CH) Cafe Mokka
    11.03. Linz (A) Uni Linz
    12.03. München (D) Ultraschall
    13.03. Stuttgart (D) Neue Heimat
    15.03. Wien (A) Flex
    16.03. Jena (D) Kassablanca
    17.03. Dresden (D) Starclub
    18.03. Regensburg (D) Alte Mälzerei
    19.03. Ebensee (D) Kino
    20.03. Milano(I) Tunnel
    21.03. Roma (I) Broncateone
    23.03. Düsseldorf (D) Stahlwerk Club CANCELLED
    24.03. Leuven (B) Style CANCELLED
    25.03. Köln (D) Kunstgallerie CANCELLED
    26.03. Lyon (F) PezNer CANCELLED
    27.03. Marseille (F) Culturel Mirabeau CANCELLED

  • Pan sonic (with Trans Am) North American Tour

    Tue Apr 20th - Cambridge, MA - Middle East
    Wed Apr 21st - Montreal, PQ - Cabaret
    Thu Apr 22nd - Toronto, ON - Lees Palace
    Fri Apr 23rd - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
    Sat Apr 24th - Chicago, IL - Metro
    Sun Apr 25th - Minneapolis, MN - 400 Bar
    Wed Apr 28th - Seattle, WA - Breakroom
    Thu Apr 29th - Portland, OR - TBA
    Sat May 1st - San Francisco, CA - Great American
    Sun May 2nd - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey
    Mon May 3rd - San Diego, CA - TBA
    Tue May 4th - Las Vegas, NV - TBA
    Wed May 5th - Phoenix, AZ - Bostons
    Fri May 7th - Austin, TX - Emos
    Sat May 8th - Dallas, TX - Trees
    Mon May 10th - New Orleans, LA - Mermaid Lounge
    Tue May 11th - Atlanta, GA - Echo Lounge
    Wed May 12th - Carrboro, NC - Cats Cradle
    Thu May 13th - Washington DC - Black Cat
    Fri May 14th - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts Sat May 15th - New York, NY - Tramps

    Check also PollStar.Com for updates etc. (search under the artist "Pan sonic").

  • Pan sonic Finnish Tour

    Thu Sep 23rd - Tampere - Club Telex @ Yo-Talo
    Fri Sep 24th - Turku - Dynamo
    Tue Sep 28th - Helsinki - venue tba

    [NOTE: All dates are subject to change.]

  • Pan Sonic On Tour, January to March 1999 @ Mute Web Site

  • Pan Sonic - More info on European Tour, March 1999

  • Latest release from Pan Sonic: Arctic Rangers, limited edition of 500 copies, August 26, 1998. Available from Blast First (see details below):

    Mute Bank mail order information:

    Arctic Rangers Ltd Box Set - 25 pounds each plus postage and packing Arctic Rangers Ltd A2 Screen Print - 50 pounds each plus P&P

    Postage & Packing: UK First item: 1 pound; Each additional: 75p Europe First item: 1.50 pounds; Each additional: 1 pound N America First item: 2 pounds; Each additional: 1.50 pounds ROW First item: 3 pounds; Each additional: 2 pounds

    Orders can be placed by Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, Switch, JCB, UK Postal Order or Cheque, International Money Order or Bank Draft in pounds sterling. Order by e-mail to, phone: +44 (0) 181 964 0029; fax: +44 (0) 181 964 3722; or snail mail: Mute Bank, 429 Harrow Road, London, W10 4RE, England.

    Pan Sonic On Tour

    NOTE: to all of you who have mailed me, unfortunately I don't have any other information on Pan Sonic's forthcoming releases, gigs or tours than found on this page, but if you have anything, please let me know, and I'll be glad to add it here.