RENEWAL OF THE EARTH - J. Sujanto Prophecies

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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 09:40:42 +0700

Dear Sir,
I am an Indonesian psychic and have attended twice "The International Conference on Paranormal Healing" in the Philippines.
What I "see" is NOT the end of this planet Earth; but only "renewal".
Other things I "see" are :

1. Red China will attack the northern part of India; but go back because of a sudden change in climate.
2. Middle East countries (esp. Iran) will burn their own oil installation so that Europe and USA will have a shortage of fuel.
3. East and West Coast of USA will suffer from earthquakes and floods.
4. Japan, physically, will sink.
5. Singapore will be damaged seriously.
6. A quarter of humankind will die because of heat in the mid-1999.
7. A Saviour will be seen in the sky but His reign is only one day; but His teachings is like Jesus' teaching.
8. The tunnel between London and Paris, will be damaged.
9. A part of the "late" Atlantis will emerge again.

Thanks a lot for your kind attention.
Merry Christmas 1997 and A Happy Cautious Year 1998.
J. Sujanto

Copyright © 1997 J. Sujanto. Reprinted with permission.

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