Abusing Toys Can Be Fun!

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Lego Zombie!

"you are a very rude person. I tried 2 come to this sight to find out about the holocaust." - Jenny B., USA

Children: a bunch of little monsters, aren't they? When I was a kid, I remember the countless times we made those little Lego guys to commit unspeakable acts of sodomy with each other. Almost as fun as melting the limbs of the plastic Matchbox WWII soldiers with cigarette lighters or exploding them with the tiny fire crackers called "Little Chinese" (there was also a larger variation, "Big Chinese", which created even more impressive explosions). Aargh - die, Nazi pig!

It looked like a surreal war zone or an action figure holocaust. I also had a friend, whose specialty was burning and thus horribly disfiguring his Playmobile toy figures; occasionally using them as practice targets, too. On the other hand, I could have killed another mate of mine, who destroyed most of my View-Master 3-D reels by popping out those tiny slide-like frames, one by one.

Or how about crashing and burning down the Airfix model planes? Provided fun for hours, if you could endure the fact that breathing in the fumes of molten polyurethane destroyed your brain cells.

Unfortunately I have no personal experiences with lesbian Barbies, but that might have been cool too. Abusing toys was another great part of childhood. I made my father to buy me tons of tiny Matchbox and Corgi cars and then threw them out from our livingroom window, pretending they were falling off the cliff and exploding, like cars in all those cop shows.

What was the reason behind all this infantile mayhem, except simply being bored? Of destroying things or using these toys to reasons - obscene or otherwise - the manufacturers probably didn't originally think of? Because it was fun! Sometimes I wish I could get those times back.

Do you have any great abusing toys memories of your own? Let me know, and we will publish them here!

And here's one from Mr. F. Baube:

Ah, but it was also great fun not to take toys manufactured for you, but rather to BUILD your own models. and THEN play destructo.

sort of like cooking a decent meal.

- takes forever to put it together
- dispense with it in the blink of an eye *urp*
- much more fun with a group

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