bunker bunker
bunker bunker

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the pHuture stops here
Somewhere in the industrial wasteland of Tampere, Finland... This is the gloomy pHinnWeb Bunker, the dark dwellings of the mighty pHinn and the Clan of fearsome pHinnMen and deadly pHinnWomen. pHinnWeb Clan was modelled after the feared secret sect of Assassins, led in the 11th and 12th century by the ruthless Old Man of Mountains, Hasan bin Sabah, and in the way of their medieval predecessors, the Clan has its InpHiltrators everywhere. You can't escape the Agents of P.H.I.N.N.W.E.B.!

The target of ongoing sinister rumours, more carefully guarded than Area 51, pHinnWeb Bunker is the centre of pHinnWeb's tactical operations all around the world. Enhanced by alien technology and the most accomplished surveillance techniques, combined with the ancient magickal and shamanic knowledge, pHinnWeb is ruled by the mysterious Black Council, and offers the last glimpse of fading light as the world descends into the apocalyptic darkness. Having as its symbol the Lion and the Black Eagle, and situated in the mystical axis mundi, pHinnWeb Bunker marks the end of Kali Yuga and the start of the Age of Aquarius. This is the Aleph of Jorge Luis Borges, the Castalia of Hermann Hesse, the TAZ of Hakim Bey and the Omega Point.

the countdown has begun
pHinnWeb will guide you through the wreckage of our disintegrating civilisation, as the world plunges into the whirling maelstrom at the end of time. When the prophecies are fulfilled, we will see everything collapse as the world's economic system takes a nosedive; the banks, governments and even the largest international megacorporations fall one by one like dominoes.

In a senseless chain reaction of self-destruction, a new war will break loose after another. In its due time, though, a new civilisation will rise from the ruins, like flowers blossoming in the ashes, but only those who believe shall see the day. But even in the hour of chaos, have no fear: under the protection of mighty and invincible pHinnWeb, no harm shall come to you.

a walkabout to the dreamtime

omega  point.
omega point.
[accept chaos.]