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Hans Selo

Hans Selo (born as Hans Selonen, 2 November 1945 - 14 January 2003) was a Finnish writer living in Helsinki. The self-educated Selo gained fame with his debut novel Diiva ("The Poseur"), which was published in 1970. This book featured Selo's eccentric language filled with neologisms, á la James Joyce, and stream-of-consciousness techniques. Selo was granted the prestigious J.H. Erkko Prize for the best literary debut. The dandy-like Selo became a celebrity often featured on the pages of Finnish ladies' magazines, and could boast having such famous people as the actress Ella Eronen in his circle of acquaintances. Selo's second and last book, Pilvihipiäinen ("Cloudcomplexion"), came out in 1985.


Diiva (WSOY, 1970)
Pilvihipiäinen (Odessa, 1985)

Short stories:

"Irstailua Kööpenhaminassa", no closer information
"Minun ensilempeni", Jallu 5/1973

Selo: Irstailu Kööpenhaminassa

Interviews (in Finnish):

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