t e e m u
m ä k i

"I am a perspectivist relativist, a sad(omasoch)ist, a vitalist and a sort of a communist." - Teemu Mäki

Teemu Mäki (born 14 October 1967 in Lapua, Finland) studied at the Academy of the Fine Arts of Finland in Helsinki, and graduated in 1990. The artist lives and works currently mostly in Helsinki making drawings, prints, paintings, sculpture, photographs, videotapes, installations, performances, texts, music etc. and various combinations of these.


  • http://www.teemumaki.com/ [does not work at the time of writing this]

  • http://www.studiomezzo.com/maki/
  • http://www.av-arkki.fi/taiteilijat/teemu_maki.html
  • http://www.ouka.fi/taidemuseo/teemaki/teemaki.htm
  • http://www.fng.fi/fng/html4/fi/art/collecti/people/t1/tmaki/
  • http://www.2000.hel.fi/maalaus/maki.html

  • Teemu Mäki @ Google (search results)