underground resistance discography


UR + Yolanda
Your Time Is Up

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

1. Orbit
2. Eye of the Storm
3. Predator
4. Elimination

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

The Final Frontier
1. Base Camp Alpha 808
2. Entering Quadrant 5
3. The Final Frontier

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

1. Beauty of Decay
2. Adrenalin
3. Quadrasonic
4. Backroad to Nirvana

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

Nation 2 Nation
A1. Big Stone Lake
A2. Sometimes I Feel Like
A3. Nation 2 Nation
B1. Body and Soul
B2. The Theory (Mind Mix)
B3. 303 Sunset

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

Blake Baxter
The Prince Of Techno
1. When a Thought Becomes U
2. It's a Funky World
3. Vision of Truth
4. Combustible

All tracks produced by Blake Baxter.

UR featuring Yolanda
Living For The Night (12")
A1. For the Nite
A2. For the Music
A3. For the Voice
B1. For the Feeling
B2. For the Club

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

The Vision
A1. Crush, Kill, Destroy
A2. Liberation Radio
B1. Can't Wait
B2. Perpetual Motion

All tracks produced and mixed by Underground Resistance and The Vision.

NOTE: also on Leptone Germany with extra track - see below.

A1. Elimination (1)
A2. Elimination (2)
B1. Gamma Ray

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

Underground Resistance
Riot EP
A1. Riot
A2. Panic
B1. Rage
B2. Assault

All energy arranged, produced and mixed by
UR Underground Resistance

Mad Mike Music - BMI 1991

Suburban Knight
Nocturbulous Behavior
1. Infra Red Spectrum
2. Magnetic Timetable
3. Nocturbulous

All tracks produced by the Suburban Knight.

All tracks mixed by the Ultimate Survivor.

NOTE: there's also an Underground Resistance mis-press 12" of UR011 marked as "Panic in Detroit, produced by Rob Hood". The correct UR011 is Nocturbulous Behavior by the Suburban Knight. The mis-press includes three mixes of 'Panic' + untitled track. ('Panic' is from Gyroscopic EP The Vision - Jeff Mills/Mike Banks/Rob Hood.) The copy has a sticker on it saying 'UR unreleased project 1 of 100'.

"I think I may have a different variation again. My copy has all the details listed for Nocturbulous Behavior, but my copy has four tracks on it. On the A-side on the outer edge of the vinyl it has etched 'Panic In Detroit' and on the B-side near the middle of the record is etched 'Panic Side B'." -Scott

Fuel For The Fire
1. Micronaut+7
2. Mercury Berring-10
3. Mutiny+9
4. Warhead+6

All energy produced and mixed by Underground Resistance.

NOTE: makes a double 12" with UR010.

Sonic Destroyer (LP)
1. G-Force
2. Sonic Destroyer
3. Mindpower
4. Final Hour
5. Whatever Happened to Peace?
6. Rave New World

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

G-Force (12")
A. G-Force
B. Sonic Destroyer

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

NOTE: same versions as on the album - see below.

UR/Octave One (joint 12")
A. Aztlan
B. Daystar Rising

Aztlan produced by Mad Mike and DJ Rolando The Aztec Mystic
Daystar Rising mixed and produced by Octave One

UR + Yolanda
Living For The Night (Remix)
1. Brainstorm Live Mix
2. Kevin Saunderson Mix
3. Instrumental
4. Free Mix

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

The Punisher
A. The Punisher
B. Method of Force

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

The Fury
A. Fury
B. Cyclone

Side A: "The Fury Stops For No One"

A. Schoolcraft Bump
B. Missing In Action

NOTE: there seems to be two different releases under UR-018?

1. Dione
2. Hyperion
3. Phoebe
4. Tethys
5. Titan
6. Rhea
7. Enceladus
8. Intro
9. Ground Zero-The Planet
10. A-Ring
11. B-Ring
12. C-Ring
13. Iapetus
14. Mimas

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

Groundzero (12")
A. Groundzero (The Planet)
B2. untitled

NOTE: the record is pressed in such a way that it looks like a planet with rings; the outer grooves are wide apart (with -6, -5, ..., -1 inscribed between them, then two bands of grooves closer together, then the 'planet', which is the actual song, in the middle) - MS

World 2 World
A1. Amazon
A2. Jupiter Jazz
B1. Cosmic Traveler
B2. Greater Than Yourself

All tracks written and produced by Underground Resistance.

Mad Mike Music (BMI)

Side B: "All is calm for now"

A. untitled
B. untitled

Side A: "Swimmers beware" Side B: "Come to Detroit - and get your ass bit" plus a cartoon piranha

UR - Various Artists
Crime Report (12"/45 rpm)
A1. Afrogermanic
Produced by Chaos
B1. Talking To Z
Produced by UR
B2. Mirage - Beat Vocal Mix
Produced by Perception

Taken from the upcoming LP "Interstellar Fugitives".

Liner notes:
Galactic Bureau of Investigation
Crime Report #UR-021 attention:
There have been reports of a UR special
operations sonic insertion team code
named I.S.F. (Interstellar Fugitives)
in your zone. A imminent "LP"
attack is expected any moment
Beware you have been warned!!

NOTE: there seems to be a confusion about UR-021 which was listed for both "Piranha" and "Crime Report" (a printing error?). Can anyone shed more light on this?

Death Star
1. Planet X
2. The Force
3. Deathstar

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

Side A: "Unit Death Star mission - eliminate anti-underground forces"
Side B: "Peace on Planet X" with a peace symbol in the 'o' of 'on'.

The Vision
Message To The Majors
A. one untitled track
B. one untitled track

Both sides: Fuck the majors

UR presents the Return of
Acid Rain - "The Storm Continues"
A1. Ain't No Sunshine (The Sign)
A2. Acid Fog (The Mystery)
A3. Turbulence (The Warning)
A4. Raindance (The Wish)
B1. Twista (The Dance)
B2. Low Pressure Front (The Pulse)
B3. Atomspheric Disturbance
B4. Rainbows Over Paradise (The Rain)

All tracks produced at Black Planet Studios in the Cass Corridor, Detroit Michigan by UR

Mad Mike Music (BMI)

Liner notes:

Every day tons of sulpher and other
pollutants are dumped into the air from
Detroit Industrial stacks. This pollution
spreads throughout the clouds and is
returned to earth in the form of acid rain.
Death from above... Rain should give
life not take it away. Peace.

Side A: Combat acid - use with deadly precision
Side B: UR/1993 Evolution for a change

Galaxy 2 Galaxy (2x12")
A1. Hi-Tech Jazz [The Science]
A2. Hi-Tech Jazz [The Elements]
B1. Journey of the Dragons
B2. Star Sailing
C1. Astral Apache [Star Stories]
C2. Deep Space 9 [A Brother Runs This Ship]
D1. Rhythm of Infinity
D2. Metamorphisis

All tracks produced by Mad Mike.

Bubble Metropolis
A1. Aqua Worm Hole
A2. Positron Island
A3. Beyond the Abyss
B1. Bubble Metropolis
B2. Danger Bay
B3. Welcome to Drexciya

All tracks produced by Drexciya.

Scan 7
Black Moon Rising
A1. Black Moon Rising
A2. Pathway Through Time
B1. System Work
B2. Introducing Scan 7

All tracks produced by Scan-7
All tracks mixed by S. Shelton and Mad Mike for Underground Resistance Productions.

Acid Rain III - Meteor Showers (2x12")
A1. Shadow the Probe
A2. Particle Shower
A3. Code Red
A4. Communications Silence
B1. The Mighty Asteroids of Jupiter
B2. Meteor Showers
B3. Orbitals in Motion
C1. Cyberwolf
C2. Off-Axis Gravitational Fields
D1. The Final Frontier Part II

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

Side A: "Can 303's heal?"
Side B: "Do light and soundwaves have emotions"
Side C: "Is there life on Jupiter?"
Side D: "What made the universe?"

Suburban Knight and Mad Mike
Dark Energy (2x12")
1. Stargate (produced by Mad Mike)
2. Acid Africa (Roots Electric Mix)
3. Atomic Witchdokta (produced by UR and mixed by The Martian)
4. Midnite Sunshine
5. Mau Mau (The Spirit)
6. Mind of a Panther

Aquatic Attack
1. Wavejumper
2. The Countdown Has Begun
3. Sighting in the Abyss

All tracks produced by Drexciya.

Scan 7
1. Password Soul
2. Undetectible
3. Voiceprint

Produced by Scan 7.
Mixed and edited by Mad Mike.

Andre Holland & UR
City Of Fear
1. City of Fear
2. Inversions
3. The Outback

Produced by Andre Holland for Underground Resistance Productions.

Electronic Warfare - Designs For Sonic Revolution (2x12")
A1. Logic Bomb
A2. Fiber Optic Commando (M.O.D. Mix)
B1. Electronic Warfare (Vocal)
B2. Electronic Warfare (Inst.)
B3. Electronic Warfare (Oz Speaks)
C1. Biosensors In Tunnel Complex Africa
C2. Install "Ho Chi Minh" Chip
D. The Illuminator *

* This track was done in honor of Matthew Lineham
who died fighting for what is right somewhere in Australia

Electronic Warfare
Waged by: UR
Cyber strategies by: Mad Mike
Recorded at Black Planet Studios
Detroit, MI., USA

Mad Mike Music BMI

Side D: "Your laws mean nothing in cyberspace... There will be no peace."

Electronic Warfare "The Mixes"
Neutron Side:
1. Electronic Warfare (The Original)
Produced by: UR
2. Electronic Warfare (The Machines)
Proton Side:
1. Electronic Warfare (Take Control Mix)
Mix by: Aux 88
* Aux 88 appears courtesy of Direct Beat Records
2. Electronic Warfare (Electric Eel Mix)
Mix by: Drexciya

Mad Mike Music (BMI)

DJ Rolando
The Aztec Mystic
A1. Aztec Mystic
B1. The Shining Path
B2. Tree Talk

Produced by: DJ Rolando

All tracks produced at Black Planet Studios in Area 1
Detroit, MI.
by "The Aztec Mystic" aka; DJ Rolando
Mixed & edits by: Ghost Dancer

Side A: Follow the Shining Path

Suburban Knight
By Night EP
A1. Echo Location
A2. Echo Location (Bat Trance Edit)
B1. The Warning
B2. Nightvision

Side A: Dusk
Produced by: The Suburban Knight
Side B: Dawn
Mission Flown By:
Nitestrike Captain James "Suburban Knight" Pennington

Mixed & Edited By: Dark Energy At Black Planet Studios
Area 1 Detroit, MI USA
© (P) Mad Mike Music (BMI)

Art By: F. Fultz

Side B: While you feel safe and sleep - beware by night we fly

The Return
of Drexciya

The Return of Drexciya
A1. Smokey's Illegitimate Report
A2. You Don't Know
B1. Bang Bang
B2. Rubick's Cube

Surfaced by: Drexciya For Underground Resistance Prod.
© (P) Mad Mike Music (BMI) 1996

Side A: You don't know - what lurks in the fog

Cover art: Frankie C. Fultz

A. one untitled track
B. two untitled tracks

Produced by: UR

Inscription: Can you crack the code?

The Infiltrator
1. I'm In
2. They Will Never Know
3. The Extraction

Produced by Andre Holland

UR presents
A. Ambush
B1. Silicon Siagon
B2. Fear Our Presence

Set by: Mad Mike For Underground Resistance Prod.
Recorded & Mixed At: Studio Under The Stairs, Detroit, USA.

Liner notes:
You've been waiting for your adventure vacation all year and now your finally here headed up river and your gonna have fun regardless of the poverty, corruption, political unrest, fragile ECO systems and reports of rebel forces in the area. After all it's your god given right to have fun all over the world wherever you please right? Suddenly your friendly native guides become uneasy. Their acutely tuned jungle senses tell them something is very wrong. All life seems to stop in its tracks, the silence is deafening, your heartbeat sounds in your ears, the boat is too close to the bank. The beads and trinkets the travel agency told you to give the natives for safe passage won't work this time. You smile and try to take pictures of these ghosts in the forest to ease the tension but they remain in the underground silently reluctant of your 15 minute fame and pacifying technology. Finally they appear their war painted faces staring. Didn't the missionaries teach them this is wrong? You feel the power of their God thru their eyes, it is the jungle itself. One of the hostiles wears an old shirt that reads "UR unexploitable". Your imminent destiny calls and as with all pollutants UR consumed by nature as she punishes her children who cannot dance to her drums.

Side A: UR unexploitable - do not submit

NOTE: there exists also a promo version of 50 copies, with a different A-side, and which has inscription "The Fear is Among Us" etched on the vinyl instead of "UR unexploitable..." [promo as Real Audio]

The Turning Point (2x12")
A. Soul Circuits
B. Spirit Caller
C. Hi Tech Funk (Sonic Grits Mix)
D. First Galactic Baptist Church
(vocals by the First Diva of Outerspace: Paula McPherson)

Produced by Mad Mike for Underground Resistance Productions

Liner notes:
Roots -
Without them you would be like
a tree in a strong wind, easily blown
over. Rhythms and music is our only
surviving link to what we are and the
only voice of our ancestors
and soul is the continuation of their
experiences. Without roots, music &
soul we would be lost, blind, futureless
and unable to overcome what we face
daily. - The Unknown Writer

Side D: Soul, you can't buy it... and we pity those you try

Condition Red (12")
early 2000
A1. Cosmic Osmosis
B1. Wobbler
B2. The Safety Is Off

By 043 a.k.a Marc Floyd.
Executive produced by: Dark Avenger

© Underground Resistance Productions 2000
(p) Mad Mike Music BMI

A. Hardlife B. Hardlife - Aaron Carl's remix

Produced and performed by Hardlife
Vocals by Ron Mitchell


Various Artists
Interstellar Fugitives (3x12"/CD)
August 1998
1. Zero Is My Country
produced by: The Chamaleon
2. Maroon
produced by: The Suburban Knight A.K.A. James Pennington
3. Nannytown
produced by: Underground Resistance
4. Mi Raza
produced by: The Aztec Mystic A.K.A. DJ Rolando
5. Something Happened On Dollis Hill
produced by: The Infiltrator A.K.A. Andre Holland
6. Mirage
produced by: Perception A.K.A. Chuck Gibson
7. Afrogermanic
produced by: Chaos A.K.A. Marc Floyd
8. Interstellar Crime Report
produced by: Drexciya
9. Aquatacizem
produced by: Drexciya
10. Thought 1
produced by: The Infiltrator A.K.A. Andre Holland
11. Moor Horseman On Bolarus 5
produced by: Mad Mike
12. Thought 2
produced by: Chamaleon
13. Unabomber
produced by: Andre Holland
14. Negative Evolution
produced by: UR
15. UR On Mir
produced by: The Infiltrator A.K.A. Andre Holland

Liner notes

Vintage Future (12" EP)
December 1998
A. Antimatter Premium Unleaded
B. Frequency Snowstorm (Jam Radar Mix)

Produced by Mark Taylor.

The Swarm
Speeding Like the Killer Bees (12")

The Aztec Mystic
Knights of the Jaguar (12")
March 1999
A. Ascesión
B. Jaguar

Produced by the Aztec Mystic a.k.a. DJ Rolando

DJ Rolando
The Aztec Mystic Mix (CD)
1. Intro
2. Jaguar
3. Dreamdancing
4. Codebreaker
5. Z-Track
6. Aztec Mystic
7. Daystar Rising
8. Aztlan
9. Firekeeper
10. Ascension
11. Witchdokta
12. Stardancer
13. Dr. Blowfins Experiment
14. Ultraviolet Images
15. Soulpower
16. Z-Track
17. Bata Pumps
18. Talkin To Z
19. Schoolcraft Bump
20. Soul Circuits
21. Metamorphasis
22. Illuminator
23. Midnite Sunshine

Hidden In Plainsight - Special Edition EP
May 1999
A. The Suburban Knight: Night Strike
B1. Chameleon: Re:Con
B2. Dark Energy: Black Strategy
B3. hidden track

NOTE: also has a "hidden" track on side B.

Revenge of The Jaguar The Mixes
March 2000
* THE remixes of THE anthem by Mad Mike, Jeff Mills & Octave One!!

The Real Jaguar (CD)
4wcd-4049 / 430 West
March 2000
1. Jaguar (Original Mix)
2. Jaguar (Dance Of The Cat)
Remix by: Jeff Mills
3. Jaguar (Dance Of The Global Tribe)
Remix By: Octave One
4. Atzlan
5. Ascension
6. Mi Raza
7. Jaguar (Spiritual Transformation)
Remix By: Mad Mike for Underground Resistance

Produced by DJ Rolando a.k.a. The Aztec Mystic

Aztec Mystic
Jaguar (Remixes) (12")
430wukt2, 430 West UK
December 2000

Note: Limited edition, remixes by Derrick May and Jeff Mills.

Millennium To Millennium (12")
A. Timeline
B. Amazon (4 Hero version)

NOTE: A. written by D.J, mixed by B.J. Final production and cuts by the invisible man. Mastered by Ron Murphy @ N.S.C. Performed by Galaxy to Galaxy.

© Underground Resistance Production 2001

Side A: "3000 Is The Spot".

Underground Resistance
Inspiration (12") UR3000

NOTE: Mad Mike-produced Detroit techno-soul.


Expo 2000 Remixes (12"/CDS)
Kling Klang/EMI Germany 8896126
November 2000
* 3. Expo 2000 - DJ Rolando Mix (7:29)
* 4. Expo 2000 - Underground Resistance Mix (3:57)
* 5. Expo 2000 - UR Infiltrated Mix (3:23)
* 6. Expo 2000 - UR Thought 3 Mix (2:43)

NOTES (Nick Craddock, 313 list): 3. "a real grower, Kraftwerk jamming in an elevator w/ UR... is that MM doing the Spanish guitar solo?"; 4. "utopian mind-funk... instant classic"; 5. "this one has yet to sink in... mutated electro"; 6. "string-drenched, sublime, & all that hi-tech jazz"


Somewhere In Detroit (S.I.D.)

Underground Resistance
Sweat Electric (12")
A. Sweat Electric (vocal)
B. Sweat Electric (inst.)

NOTE: Side A has vocals by "Droid"; side B is an instrumental.

Andre Holland
Abstract EP
A1. Invisible Pathways
A2. Intangible
B. Journey to Knowhere

Underground Resistance
Soundpictures EP
A. Lunar Rhythms
B. Spirits Speak

Scan 7
Invisible Thoughts EP
A. Decoder
B. Transparent

Uncharted EP
A. Hi-Tide
B. Dr. Blowfins Experiment

Gerard Mitchell / UR SID-006
A. Soulsaver by Gerald Mitchell
B. E.R.P-Enhanced Rhythm Perception by Underground Resistance

Underground Resistance
A. Radioactive Rhythms
B. Subversive Communications / A Thousand Questions

World Power Alliance / Underground Resistance

World Power Alliance

All tracks and produced by Underground Resistance.

World Power Alliance
The Seawolf

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.

World Power Alliance
The Belgian Resistance

All tracks produced by Underground Resistance.


X-101 (LP/CD)
(CD: Tresor Records TRESOR 1 (GER) / LP: Mute Records MKT MLP2
(UK) - 1991)
A1. Sonic Destroyer
A2. Rave New World
A3. The Final Hour
B1. G-Force
B2. Whatever Happen To Peace
B3. Mindpower

X-102: Discovers The Rings Of Saturn (2xLP/CD)
(Tresor Records TRESOR 4 - GER
1. Intro
2. Phoebe
3. Titan
4. Rhea
5. C-Ring
6. Tethys
7. Hyperion
8. Dione
9. B-Ring
10. Enceladus
11. Mimas
12 Iapetus
13. A-Ring
14. Groundzero (the planet).

NOTE: the album has several extra lock grooves.

Acid Rain: Acid Rain EP (MLP)
Shockwave Records SW 1008
A1. The Lightning
A2. The Storm
A3. The Wind
B1. The Rain
B2. The Clouds
B3. The Fog
B4. The Light

Produced by U.R.

Side A: "I'm always here, it always rains" and a smiley
Side B: "The grass doesn't grow where we come from - Acid Rain (Detroit)"

X-103: Thera EP (12")
Axis Records AX-103 (US) / Tresor Records TRESOR 9 (GER)
A1. The Gardens
A2. Magma (Technology)
B1. Curse of the Gods
B2. Thera
B3. Eruption

NOTE: Tresor pressing has sides A & B reversed. All versions different from those on the X-103 album.

X-103: Atlantis (2x12"/CD)
Axis Records AX (US) / Tresor Records TRESOR 12 (GER)
1. Introduction
2. Atlantis (The Entrance)
3. Interlude A
4. The Gardens
5. Acropolis
6. Hagia Triada
7. Seduction of Europa
8. Temple of Poseidon
9. Minnia (The Queen's Theme)
10. Eruption
11. Interlude B
12. Tephra
13. 10000 Chariots
14. Curse of Gods
15. Thera
16. Magma (technology)

The Vision : Gyroscopic EP (12"/CD)
Leptone Records LEPT 6 - GER
1. Crush, Kill, Destroy
2. Liberation Radio
3. Panic
4. Can't Wait
5. Perpetual Motion

NOTE: Originally released as UR 008 without 'Panic'; 'Panic' as the instrumental version of the U.R. track of the same name on the Riot EP.

Underground Resistance featuring Yolanda: Livin' For The Nite (remixes) (12")
Splish Records SPLISH 2R - UK
A1. Live at the Brainstorm Mix
A2. The Nite's Not Over Mix
B1. Master Resses's Nite Mix
B2. Free As You Wanna Be Mix
B3. Chez Damier Mix

NOTE: sticker on the cover has UR teamed up with Yolande.

Underground Resistance: Revolution For Change (2xLP/CD) (2xLP: Network Records ? - UK 1992)
(CD: Network Records ? - UK 1992)
(CD: Go Bang! BANG 094 - NL 1992)
(CD: Alfa Records ? - JAP 1992)
1. Riot
2. The Punisher
3. Elimination
4. Adrenalin
5. Predator
6. Quadrasonic
7. Sonic Destroyer
8. Eye of the Storm
9. Sometimes I Feel Like
10. The Theory
11. Beauty of Decay
12. U.R. Live in Utrecht *
13. Killer whale +
14. Code of Honor + 15. Hypnotist <
16. Infiltrator <

* not on Dutch pressing
+ on U.K. and Dutch pressings only
< on Japanese pressing only

Some tracks on compilations:

The Final Frontier, Entering Quadrant 5', Jupiter Jazz, Amazon & Piranha on Depth Charge 1 CD
(Submerge 1992; also includes all tracks from the first Red Planet 12")

on Paroxysm LP/CD
(Mute Records MKT LP 1)

The Punisher
on Made In Detroit (CD)
(KMS UK TEC CD1, 1992)

UR: Jupiter jazz & X-102: Mimas
on Berlin Detroit - A Techno Alliance (3x12")
(NovaMute NOMUTE 14, 1993)

The Final Frontier
on New Electronica (2x12"/CD)
(Beechwood 1993)

The Seawolf
on Techno Nations - The Beginning Vol. 2 (MLP/CD)
(Kickin' Records 1993)

Planet X, Acid Fog & Death Star
on Escape Into The Void CD
(Submerge 1993; also includes tracks by Red Planet, Suburban Knight, Drexciya and others)

A Moment In Time & Mindpower [new version]
on New Electronica - Unreleased 1 (2xLP/CD)
(Beechwood ELEC 4 - UK 1994;
Mindpower CD only).

Underground Resistance remixed Ingator II's 'Skyscratch' (Tresor 1992)
Underground Resistance remixed Maurizio's 'Ploy' (Maurizio 1992)


CREDITS: Hyperreal discography, Submerge catalogue, Mario Atienza, Maarten D. Schermer, Mikko Ranta, pHinn.

"UR unexploitable": This is an unofficial, uncommercial, non-profit fan tribute/info page with no intention to rip anyone off. All images are copyrighted by Underground Resistance.

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