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Juan Atkins "Berry Gordy built the Motown sound on the same principles as the conveyor belt system at Ford's. Today their plants don't work that way -- they use robots and computers to make the cars. I'm probably more interested in Ford's robots than in Berry Gordy's music."

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Date Of Birth
Bellville High, Washentaw Community College, Recording Institute Of Detroit
What is Techno
Music that sounds like technology
Where would Techno be without England
Where would England be without Techno?
Greatest Techno record?
Home Computer - Kraftwerk
Does It still exist?
Does the space shuttle still exist?
Do you love machines?
I don't love anything that can't love me back
Favourite machine?
Roland R-8
What would you do if you had the chance to make a record with Kraftwerk?
Take plenty of notes
Why has Techno inspired some of the most pretentious music journalism of the last decade?
Because there is nothing else to talk about except so called new music trends that happened ten or twenty years ago
Kevin Saunderson is...
A go getter
Derrick May is...
Juan Atkins is...
A man with vision
Who is the originator?
Juan Atkins
Who is the innovator?
Derrick May
Who is the elevator?
Kevin Saunderson
Will you ever stop making music?
What is music?
Sound painting
Is there a future for this world?
Yes. But not as we know it now.

From the liner notes to Retro Techno/Detroit Definitive/Emotions Electric, Nettwork, 1991


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