CoS vIdEOs aNd FiLMs

Alongside music video clips, CoS members have filmed and also appear on various experimental shorts: home movies & videos; some of them used as backdrop for their live performances, etc.


Chicks on Speed videos @ YouTube

Chicks on Speed: 'Glamour Girl' @ YouTube

Music Videos:

Glamour  Girl  video

Chicks On Speed
Glamour Girl
directed by: Deborah Schamoni/Smoczek Policzek

NOTE: filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel, April 2000

Chicks On Speed
Kaltes Klares Wasser (video 1)
directed by: Juliane Solmsdorf
length: 3'30"

Chicks On Speed
Kaltes Klares Wasser (video 2)
directed/filmed by: Deborah Schamoni/Smoczek Policzek
length: 3'30"

NOTE: the second video of 'Kaltes Klares Wasser' was filmed since MTV didn't think the first version was polished enough.

Chicks On Speed
Chicks On Speed, A Retrospective
directed by: Juliane Solmsdorf
length: 1 hour (approx.)

Chicks on Speed
We Don't Play Guitars

Other Videos:

"Don't Work, Trade"
length: 7'56"

"Trading Post"(?)


video at (t)ele(ct)vision

Short Films:

Revolution Non Stop
directed by: Christoph Schäfer
BRD 2000 / 16 mm / 19 min

NOTE: Melissa Logan of CoS appears in Revolution Non Stop, a short film directed by Christoph Schäfer.

NOTE 2: The film's title song is written by Julius Block and Ted Gaier, lyrics written and performed by Melissa Logan.

directed by: Deborah Schamoni
BRD 2005

NOTE: an experimental film and surreal dance piece filmed in April 2004 where CoS land as aliens in New York City and become homeless.

Other: Theatre Plays

Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg
15-17 February, 2001

NOTE: a play based on Marie Darrieussecq's novel "Schweinerei", directed by Angela Richter and written by Daniel Richter; with costumes by Kate Lloyd-Hughes and Chicks on Speed; Melissa Logan playing one of the roles.

Alles wird im Flammen stehen
November 2001
Frank Ghery Tower, Hannover (a project by Schauspielhaus Hannover)
Directed by: Angela Richter


A "propaganda operette"; from a play by Angela Richter & Ted Gaier. With Melissa Logan of CoS, playing "Mysterious Woman". Debuted in Hamburg, March 2003.

"'L'Amerique is a 'propaganda operette' with explicit political content, moving away from postmodernism and structured around the topic 'America'. A document of collective intelligence between theater, music and art."


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