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Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 18:16:29 +0200
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Subject: Chicks on Speed workshop

** extra edition chicks on speed newsletter **

On January 27, Chicks on Speed will perform live at the Paard van Troje in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Prior to the gig, Chicks on Speed will host a 2-day workshop at the TAG building in Den Haag in which they will create a mini-fashion line together with max. 20 fashion or art students. The workshop takes place on wednesday 25 and thursday 26th of January and the creations will be showed to the public during a fashion show that will take place during the gig in Paard van Troje. The next day, Saturday the 28th, Chicks on Speed will open an exhibition with the creations at TAG.

We have reserved a few spaces for Chicks on Speed fans with a fashion attitude who would like to participate in the workshop. The workshop itself is funded by several arts funds, we only ask a small fee of 50 euros which will be used to buy materials. For this, you get access to the workshop (which starts with a presentation by Chicks on Speed on the brand CoS), materials and an experience of a lifetime. Also included in the workshop package is a free (backstage!) ticket for the shop on the 27th (in case you want to show your own creation on the catwalk!).

Participating in the workshop means you'll have to work. There will be drawing, designing, cutting, stitching and silkscreen printing. You will work directly with Chicks on Speed. A fashion or art background is an absolute must. If you come from far, we can help you out with a hotel for your stay - just email us at info at lalalandmusic.nl to make arrangements.

Keep in mind that only 20 people can participate in the workshop, and over half of the places have been reserved for local fashion and arts students already.

If you just want to attend the gig (and see the fashion show), check out http://www.lalalandmusic.nl/chicksonspeed for details on tickets and times.

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