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Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 15:53:58 +0300
Subject: Chicks on Speed newsletter - the Girl Monster edition

Chicks on Speed newsletter - the Girl Monster edition!


**GIRLMOSTER IS COMING!** CHICKS ON SPEED PRESENT GIRL MONSTER - a 3CD compilation featuring 60 women from punk and modern music on chicks on speed records, scheduled for release in July. Musicians on the album include everyone from Dutch riot grrrl Elle Bandita to Icelantic fairy Bjork and from Ari-Up of the Slits to Tom Tom Club's Tina "Wordy Rappinghood" Weymouth, with a brand new song.

As a teaser for all that's coming, Chicks on Speed records releases a limited edition vinyl-EP with six tracks.

The GIRL MONSTER EP 1 already reflects the concept of the 3-CD compilation by confronting the New York Underground classic 'Launderette' by VIVIEN GOLDMAN (with John Lydon as co-producer and Robert Wyatt on percussion!) with new and exclusive tracks by Chicks On Speed Records Artists CHICKS ON SPEED and ANGIE REED (produced by Eric D. Clark) as well as more exclusive new tracks by the up-coming KIDS ON TV and SCREAM CLUB vs. BEN ADORABLE (feat. PEACHES) along-side the smashing CLIENT song that features Pete Doherty !!!

A1. Scream Club vs. Ben Adorable feat. Peaches - Fine As Fuck
A2. Kids On TV - Breakdance Hunx (Market Value Mix)
A3. Chicks On Speed - Plastic Surgery
B1. Angie Reed - G.G. (Gaudy Good)
B2. Vivien Goldman - Launderette
B3. Client - Down To The Underground

The EP (vinyl only!) is available from Chicks on Speed official on-line store at La La Land http://www.industrial.nl/product.php?productid=18503

**PLANNINGTOROCK** PLANNINGTOROCK is the one-woman show of Janine Rostron (Berlin/Bolton/GB) a musician and video master whose unique solo show is creating mighty waves. Since her debut ep release "EP eins" featuring the underground hit "Local Foreigner" PTR has rustled up a bit of a cult following!

Described as progressive pop opera with surreal hip hop attitude PTR's music has its own undeniable signature sound. Classically trained on the violin from the age of eight, PTR developed a passion for strings early on. That same passion can be heard in her imfamous pizzicato bass styles with irresistible plucked-string production together with an electric mix of "barrelhouse boogie-woogie piano with ridiculous xylophone trills, honkytonk horn sleaze, bluesy growls, and creepy coos"

PlanningToRock's debut album on Chicks on Speed records is out now, available on both shiny CD http://www.industrial.nl/product.php?productid=18505 and beautiful vinyl http://www.industrial.nl/product.php?productid=18504


** Let the reviews do their job on the new Dat Politcs album:
"DAT Politics are a trio of musicians who create and perform entirely with laptops, based in Lille, France. They are also the best laptop "band", if such a category even exists, in the world(...) Clocking in at a tragically short 36 minutes, Wow Twist contains more energy than most bands deliver in a lifetime, exploring weirder angles and more foreign geometries than most mathematicians experience in pursuit of a degree, and more impish wonder than most daycare centers have the Prozac to handle. With this record, it's clear that the trio aren't just creating a sound that's structurally complex, quirky, and unique, but that they've sharpened their process to a science. Their sound has developed around performance, interaction with their audience, and a love of what sounds do to people rather than just a love of sound. The result is one of the best pop records I've heard in a long time - if I play this record at a house party and no one dances, I'm kicking everyone out immediately and asking them how much it cost to put their soul and sense of humor in self-storage, so I can see about putting my disappointment with humanity there. You should do the same" - Roshan Abraham Pixel Surgeon (USA)

"Wow Twist" is out now!

**COS @ MOMA** PopRally The Museum of Modern Art Saturday, June 24, 2006 8:00/10:30 p.m. The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden

PopRally is a new program of events at The Museum of Modern Art and P.S.1 Contemporary Arts Center created for young New Yorkers. Launched in April, PopRally features musical acts, performances, film screenings, receptions, and special viewings of exhibitions.

This second PopRally event offers cocktails and a private viewing of the exhibition Douglas Gordon: Timeline. The evening's musical performance is by Chicks On Speed, in collaboration with artist Douglas Gordon and other surprise guests, in The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden. Chicks On Speed will perform their new single "Art Rules."

The first PopRally presented the world premieres of Marcel Dzama's films The Lotus Eaters (2006) and Sad Ghost (2006), with live musical accompaniment.

WHEN: Saturday, June 24, 2006
8:00 - 10:30 p.m.
8:00 - 9:00 p.m. - Cocktails and private viewing of Douglas Gordon: Timeline
9:15 p.m. - Musical performance by Chicks On Speed, in collaboration with Douglas Gordon and other surprise guests in MoMA's Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden Guests party until 10:30 p.m. in the Garden

TICKETS:Tickets are limited and will not be sold at the door. $10 in advance Tickets can be purchased on *ticketweb.com or by visiting the MoMA information desk anytime between 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. A limited number of tickets will be sold on the day of the event, June 24 from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., at the MoMA information desk for $15

**IN THE WORKS** Besides the "Girl Monster" release later this summer, Chicks on Speed started working on a brand new album, due for release early 2007. Meanwhile, a strictly limited edition picture disk split 7" is in the works with some really exclusive material and the long awaited DVD release of the CoS film "Visitors" - so stay tuned!


We wanted to let you all know, we had one of the worst experiences of our 10 year musical career on Saturday night, we were physically violated and dragged off stage by security, Ortiz Padillo Promoters and commercial sponsors at Oxigena Festival, near Cordova, in Southern Spain. We were denied our right to perform at the festival as contracted and our fees were not honoured. It was clear that the public attendance of the festival was extremely low and the promoters wouldn't allow us to play for this reason, so they could claim insurance on the premise, of a cancelled headlining act. The promoters and Sponsors falsely claimed that “the band is late" as we entered the stage at 1.25am, 5 minutes prior to the planned stage time of 1.30am as contracted.

Photo documentation has been taken away from us, our camera was smashed and memory card stolen.

We want to expose these criminal acts and the organisations responsible for abusing and robing artists through their business practices and the unethical networks of festivals and concert promoters. It's clearly a case of abuse against women, destruction of personal property, breach of contract and assault.

We're pretty freaked out & scared by what we experienced. It would be really good to have your support in any way, the organizers were trying to make quick cash from the festival. Look out for scammers that are abusing musicians and swindling young people looking to have a fun evening.


Chicks on Speed


** We're looking forward to the MoMA show on Saturday in the sculpture garden, it'll be the first time we play "ART RULES" in front of the Art World, and hopefully with Douglas Gordon too! The show is a realisation of the video elements we created in our installation titled "Musical Illustrations" at Marco Museum in Vigo part of the exhibition "Switch on the Power", curated by Arakis. It'll also be the first time we launch our new show in this form together with our 4th Chick Anat Ben David, and special friend A.L. Steiner! So many new things to look forward to @ this show. Its kind of like playing at Mecca! ;)

... on to more smart and positive things, after the attack of the Gorillas in Andalucia!


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