Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 13:39:51 +0300
From: cos 
Subject: Chicks on Speed newsletter - the summer


In this special CoS summer newsletter:

- the "Hot Heels" T-shirts are finally available!
- the return of the 99 cents
- the new Kevin Blechdom album is out!
- le tigre remixes
- kiki goes malmo
- and more live dates

 - "Hot Heels" T-shirts are finally available!

Originally designed for a work shop/fashion show in
Barcelona, the much sought after "High Heels" T-shirts
are now available at the Chicks on Speed on-line store
for a limited time. Hi quality prints on American
Apparel shirts in several sizes. Tees, baby ribs

Also available in a strictly limited edition of 20
hand numbered raglan fleece sweaters - authentity
guaranteed with a Chicks on Speed label in the neck.

Chixshop shortcuts:
- Hot Heels Tees
- Hot Heels Fleece
- Hot Heels baby rib
- The return of the 99 cents shirts

Back in stock at the Chicks sell out corner: the 99
cents Tees! They cost a little more than that, but you
get a nice reprint of the original 99 cts shirt with
thick and fat print of the logo on superb quality
shirts. Only available in black, as long as stock
lasts (and no, we won't make any more after these!)

- The new Kevin Blechdom album is out!

Kevin's back with her new album, "EAT MY HEART OUT",

19 new rollercoaster tracks of emotional extremes +
COUNTDOWN TO NOTHING, a film by Lucile Desamory and
Kevin Blechdom, starring Lucile Desamory and Kevin
Blechdom, featuring Kim Hiorthøy and Damien Desamory.


1. Coming
2. What you wanna believe
3. Invisible ROCK
4. Suspended in love
5. Joke as self intro
6. Love you from the heart
7. The porcupine & the jellyfish
8. Get on your knees
9. Runaway or stay
10. Are you fucking with me
11. You got yerself
12. Slow me down
13. Day to day
14. There are other people
15. Johnny
16. Too much to touch
17. Torture chamber
18. Songydong
19. Going to sleep

- Le Tigre remixes

Two 12"-es with remixes of tracks from Le Tigre's
"This Island" album have just been released on Chicks
on Speed records.

Le Tigre found their way to the masses AND keep the
connection with the (dance-)underground.

This Island Remixes vol. 1

Side A
1. After Dark - Morel´s Pink Noise Vocal Mix
2. After Dark - Morel´s Pink Noise Dub Mix

Side B
1. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo - Craig C´s Turn it up Vocal
2. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo - Arthur Baker vs. Coleman &
Spencer Smashter

This Island Remixes vol. 2

Three outtakes that will be eaten by the crowd! Check
the grrrrindy-guitar-stomper by PEACHES and play out
the NDB Vocal Disco Mix, you will be adored! For the
Funk-a-teers, both JUNIOR SENIOR Remixes will keep
what they´re promising and polish this 12”

Side A
1. TKO – Peaches Knock Out Remix
2. After Dark – NDB Vocal Disco Mix

Side B
1. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo - Junior Senior Remix
2. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo – Junior Senior Remix

A full-length remix CD is in the pipeline.

- Kiki goes Malmö

Kiki Moore will spin some records and wreck the mixing
desk in Malmö (Sweden) on Friday August 19. And she'll
be in good company!

- And more live dates

 ANGIE REED (Chicks on Speed Records)
03.09.2005 TR-Istanbul - Rock'n'Coke Festival

CHICKS ON SPEED (Chicks on Speed Records)
25.08.2005 N-Stavanger - Nu Music Festival 26.08.2005
N-Bergen -
Kvarteret 27.08.2005 N-Oslo - Bla Club 10.09.2005
D-Muenchen -
Schrannenhalle 20.10.2005 LU-Esch-sur-Alzette -

01.10.2005 E-Barcelona - Nitsa @ Apolo 12.10.2005
GR-Athens - BIOS

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