Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 21:57:47 +0200
Subject: Von Rot present: Chicks on Speed  [iso-8859-1] "Consuming
Passions, The making of We donīt pl[iso-8859-1] ay Guitars"

Von Rot and Chicks on Speed invite you to:

"Consuming Passions, The making of We donīt play Guitars"
8pm-12pm 24th May, Gallery Von Rot, Torstr, 114, Berlin

This is the first exhibition by the chix in berlin.  "Consuming Passions"
is about the all engulfing ambition COS faces to constantly create
works in all mediums,
existent and non existent and in all facets of life! its a glimpse of
the cross fire mess theyīre in,
between mass product and high culture! WE WANT TO DO IT ALL; DONīT YOU?

hicks on Speed arenīt just Kiki Moorse, Alex Murray-Leslie and
Melissa Logan: this time, COS
have collaborated with a number of Berlin artists. Kathi Glas made
the outfits, kay knappe, the shoes,   Deborah Schamoni directed the
music video, the dancers danced, silbersee made sure we didnīt go
over time, "the making of" is by Juliane Solmsdorf and Toby Buche,
Jeremy Scott made the "Overalls for all" ,   Martin Turansky made us
up, Kira Bunse took photos, Walter Schoenauer helped us too much with
the invitation, Josha Allvardt made the fake guitars on the wall,
Chanel gave us some stuff to kick around, thanks to michel Gaubert,
Von Rot gave us the room, labels and COS records paid and Pia
Moeglich, Juergen Soeder and Upstart made it all possible!


Exhibition duration:
26th may-20 June 2003

for more information:


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