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Subject: [CHICKS NEWS] chicks and dats live!
 chicks and dats live!

cos live dates:
07.11.2002      D-Saarbruecken - E-Werk (Electricity Festival)
22.11.2002        JP-Tokyo 30.11.2002      F-Roubaix - Le Gymnase together
with dat politics 14.12.2002      E-Barcelona - Loft 18.12.2002      N-Oslo
-So What 20.12.2002      CH-Duedingen - Bad Bonn 21.12.2002      CH-Zuerich
-Tonimolkerei 15.01.2003      australia/new zealand big day out festival

tour- 2.02.2003

dat politics live dates:
Sat 9th of nov  London (UK) @ ICA Lektrolab DAT Politics +.. Sat 16th of nov
Bourges (FR) @ Emoson festival DAT Politics +...
=46ri 29th of nov Breda (NL) @ Mezz DAT Politics +... Sat 30th of nov
Roubaix(FR) @ Gymnase DAT Politics + Chicks On Speed
DAT Politics will also be on tour in Italy From The 5th till the 15th of
december please check out :

LE TIGRE news: J.D.'s Lesbian Calendar:  2003
J.D. Samson, one third of the feminist-punk-electronic-band 'Le Tigre' is
releasing a 2003 calender in europe this month. The photographs, shot by
CassBird, portray Samson in a variety of occupational scenarios that address
the critical labor issues surrounding androgynous bodies.  the calender will
be available through the chix shop starting this month, for more information
please visit

cos on the electroclash tour: (documentation) to see the chicks tour pics,
aspart of the electroclash tour october 2002 buy the next issue of self
service. featuring anat, peaches, WIT (whatever it takes) larry t and tracey
and the plastics. and....there will be a glass vitrine devoted to the
electroclash tour at the experience music project in seattle, yes, the
museum, where the architecture is based on jimi hendrix's guitar. there
will be memorabilia from the tour, including peaches shorts and alex's
broken air effects !
the chicks on speed book project: chicks on speed are presently compiling a
book about cos and other happenings, if you have any images you would like
tocontribute to the book, please send them our way. send all pics to: if you can first send low res pics that would be
great. there will be a lot to look at, and we will have to collage together
what we will need first before requesting high res from you all. also,
pleasefeel free to send texts and drawings if you like too.
NEW: *earrings and necklaces by cos and tatty devine (london based) made
fromguitar pics, with inscriptions like "we don't play guitars" check them
out, modelled by melissa, alex and kathi.

*tent tops designed by kathi and cos.  white muslin cotton cut in the shape
of a bauhaus influenced stage costume, printed with urban camouflage in
fluroescent orange, with a silver elastic waist band. hand made by kathi
*woolen gloves printed with hype, including colored netting stitched onto
thewriste band.  new for this winter.
*shawls made of the sleaves from the fake t-shirts that we just made into
tank tops, made by kathi glas. each shawl is about 2 metres long and very
briht and extravagant! we wore these on stage during the costume changes in
"fashion rules".
OLD: *"fashion rules" limited edition, we have 200 copies left. the next 25
orders of "fashion rules" over the chix shop will be signed  by the chix.
*the small cos canvas bags are back!
*and also, very, very new, we now have die goldenen zitronen records and cds
available at the chix shop, including the brand new one designed by walter
schoenauer. and.....don't forget,  les robespierres, one of the most
influencial underground bands on that famous band the strokes. you wil
believe me when you hear them.....there are rumours out there that whilst
theboys in the strokes were at boarding school in switzerland, they used to
take secret lessons from the boys in LRBs by checking them out in the
local pub...?        (we also have lrBs on cd and vinyl!)
till next time,
can you knit?

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