m o u t h

Mouth "Our plans for London (ICA, 14 May '00) involve something similar to the auction we held in Jerusalem, only this time we're auctioning ideologies rather than artefacts. We're still not sure exactly how this will take place, but the idea is to do a kind of cabaret show with the Chicks [sorry, CoS seems to have cancelled this gig -pH.] and Anat and Avi, who are already in London. Anat is going to perform bits from her one woman show 'Mouth', which is about a mouth who breaks loose from its owner and starts sowing chaos wherever it turns to speak. In the proposed sequence, the mouth speaks Gibberish on a TV screen (perhaps several), while Anat translates its words into English. Here are some images from the show as it was performed in Jerusalem. Avi meanwhile, is going to perform as our auctioneer. We'll probably show slides behind him to illustrate the 'products' on sale (e.g. - Nazism, Capitalism, Maoism, etc.)."

- Pil and Galia Kollectiv


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