At Home with Chicks On Speed
Sleaze Nation, December 2003, pp. 22-23

Kiki Moorse, Melissa Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie are the most rockinest, most fashioned out, most cuttin' and pastin' trio on Berlin's city map. As the Chicks on Speed, they make rawkus electronic rock music, create crazy collage T-shirts and get up to all manner of artsy fashion weirdness with people like Karl Lagerfeld. They also enjoy dressing up, putting on make-up in the dark and bicycling all over the city. Although they all live separately now, the girls all have the same chopping knives at home, which have fluorescent pink handles. Of course, Sleaze went to check out Alex and Melissa's flats in Mitte, East Berlin (Kiki lives too far away and has a boring flat anyway).


"I usually wake up at 8am and do yoga in the morning," says Melissa. "The alarm clock wakes me up."

(Picture: a night-table with a lamp, Hello Kitty lunchbox, alarm clock and copies of Ernst Toller's Eine Jugend in Deutschland and Fluxus Experience)

"I am five minutes away from Melissa and twenty minutes from Kiki," says Alex. "So I go everywhere on my bike."

(Picture: a garderobe with hanging dresses, piles of CoS garments, shoes, bags, and a turquoise bicycle)

"I work a lot and don't really go out all that much in Berlin," says Alex. "When we go away then I turn into a party maniac! Especially in Barcelona!"

(Picture: a CoS bag with 99c and We Don't Play Guitars illustrations on white sofa)

"We do a lot of artwork at home on our laptops," explains Alex.

(Picture: Melissa browsing It's A Project book prints lying on floor)

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