Kiki Melissa Alex

From the left: Kiki Moorse (b. 23 March, 1967, originally from Munich: one of the three founder members, who left CoS for solo career in late 2006), Melissa Logan (b. 9 September, 1970, upstate New York) and Alex Murray-Leslie (b. 1 September, 1970, Bowral, Australia).

CHiCkS oN SpEeD Will Save Us All!

From boring boy DJs who play records for their reputation and not their audience.
From corporate indie boring wankers who don't understand bands without geetars.
From pretentious art snobs who don't understand it if it ain't in a museum.
From our own worst enemies... our careers officers.
From the drudgery of good and correct eardrums.
From the eternal fire and damnation because they are actually goddesses. Really.

- Jill Mingo, CoS press officer

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