cHIcKs-o-gRApHy: OtHer ReLeaSeS


Chicks On Speed
promo CD-R
1. Euro Trash Girl
2. Procrastinator
3. Give Me Back My Man
4. Warm Leatherette
5. Glamour Girl
6. Night of the Pedestrian
7. Turn of the Century

NOTE: with b&w pic inlay; the same versions as on the official 2000 releases, but slightly edited from the end.

Chicks On Speed
John Peel Session (1st)
first broadcast 1 June 2000
1. Peel the Orange a Eurotrash Girl
2. Night of the Pedestrian Starring Florian Hecker
3. Your Car Will Take You There
4. Mind Your Own Business
5. Night Drive

NOTE: not officially released yet.


"we have heard that there is a bootleg about, one can get this through mdos... we heard! cheeky! ;-) it has all the songs we ever did!!!!!!" - Alex / CoS, winter 2000


Chicks  On  Speed