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Artist Unknown
Errorist (12"/miniCD)
db104., Disko B (GER)
December 2001

* Errorist - Märtini Bros Remix

NOTE: featuring Melissa of Chicks on Speed.

Dave Clarke
Devil's Advocate (LP/CD)
SKI 513611 2, Skint (UK)
November 2003
* 2. What Was Her Name? (featuring CoS)
* 9. Disgraceland (featuring CoS)

NOTE: 'What Was Her Name?' is a cover of an 1980s Bauhaus song, 'She's In Parties'.

Dave Clarke
What Was Her Name? (Featuring Chicks on Speed) 12"
SKINT94, Skint (UK)
February 2004
A1. What Was Her Name? (Original)
A2. What was Her Name? (LFO Remix)
B. What Was Her Name? (Blackstrobe remix)

DMX Krew
We Are DMX (CD/LP)
11 October 1999
cat086, RepHlex (UK)
* 7. Good Time Girl

NOTE: featuring Melissa of Chicks on Speed.

Munich  Machine

DJ Hell
Munich Machine (CD/2-LP) Disko B (GER)
* This Is For You

NOTE: with Melissa of Chicks On Speed. (See also: 'Warm Leatherette'.)

DJ Hell
This Is For You (rmx 12")
Disko B (GER)

David  Carretta

David Carretta
Le Catalogue Electronic (2xLP/CD)
efa 29535-2 (CD) / efa 29535-6 (2x12")
International Deejay Gigolos (GER)
26 November 1999
* A2. Le Cauchemar

NOTE: lyrics by CoS.

Just  To  Disturb  You  A  Little  Bit

Club Telex Noise Ensemble
Just To Disturb You A Little Bit (CDR)
phnnmilk-0 / pHinnMilk Recordings (FIN)
21 June 2001
* 1. KVYCHX (featuring Chicks on Speed) [MP3]

NOTE: recorded live at Club Telex in Tampere, Finland, 9 March 2001.

GD Luxxe
Submission (CD/LP)
BRK26 / Breakin' Records (UK)
* Geisha Girl

NOTE: featuring Alex of CoS. Also artwork by Chicks On Speed.

Review: "It's all a bit of an ironic larf I suppose, notable mainly for the inclusion of "Geisha Girl', a track graced with the redoubtably detached vocal talents of Alex from Chicks On Speed. The girl's a one trick pony for sure, but it's a ride you're unlikely to forget in a hurry." - Top Mag

Die Goldene Zitronen
Dead School Hamburg (Give Me A Vollzeitarbeit) (CD)
COOKCD154, Cooking Vinyl
* 5. Yes I Am!

NOTE: CoS as guests; this song released later as "Yes I Do!".
[Another Goldenen Zitronen site].

Die Goldenen Zitronen
Schafott zum Fahrstuhl
Buback (GER)
* A Stream of Consciousness

NOTE: with Melissa Logan as guest. Melissa's notes: "I contributed a track called 'A Stream of Consciousness' written with Teresa Logan (yes, a sister) & we recorded it with Cornelia Logan (yes, another sister) in the bathroom of the Knitting Factory before a Chicks show, I was pretty jet-lagged & it was also really hard to find a quiet space, Schorsch Kamerun [a.k.a. Sylvesterboy] jammed the punched out base of a chair on the ceiling against the fan with a mikestand. We listened to the prepared material on minidisc & recorded on to another. Ted gaier & Thoma Wenzel said they had a hell of a time chopping the material, it was just all over the place. I really like the way it turned out & it was so great working with Teresa that we put together a video in January 2002 for the Starship magazine party, 'As Dust Covered, Lips Kissed the Emptiness' (20 min)."

Chris  Korda

Chris Korda & The Church Of Euthanasia
Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong (LP/CD)
efa 29525-2/6
International Deejay Gigolos (GER)
28 June 1999
* Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong

NOTE: CoS as guests on title track.

Lyrics @ RealAudio


Mutants Here I Am
with (Thies Mynther)

NOTE: Melissa Logan as guest.

Les Robespierres & Melissa Logan
L'Amerique - A Propaganda Operette
Buback Tonträger/Indigo (GER)
5 March, 2004
1. Das Grosse Oklahomatheater
2. Angela Davis
3. Esse Dia
4. Classwar (1:46)
5. Der Allmächtige Administrator
6. Lied der Baumwollpflücker
7. Funeral De Un Lavrador
8. The Ebenizer Baptist Church-Speech (M. Luther King 1967)
9. Joachim
10. Thickest Blood (2:17)
11. Die Eigentümerversammlung
12. Santa Rosa
13. Auf Dem Platz Der Leeren Versprechungen
14. Irgendwie Komisch
15. L'Amerique

4. written by Vogel/Logan/Moorse/Murray-Leslie)
10. written by unknown/Gaier/Logan/Frichen-Rath

NOTE: track 4. by Chicks On Speed; track 10. co-written by Melissa Logan.

"'L'Amerique' is a soundtrack from a play by Angela Richter and Ted Gaier which debuted in Hamburg in March 2003. The CD features music between punk, chanson, and agit-pop by the band Les Robespierres (feat. members of Die Goldene Zitronen) and Melissa Logan (of Chicks on Speed), with lyrics in English, German and Spanish and spoken word passages adapting the likes of Kafka, Eldridge Cleaver, Martin Luther King and T.C. Boyle. The CD comes in a very special packaging based on exclusive drawings by the renowned German artist Daniel Richter."

Various Artists
Output 64 on Enduro the Remixes
Input 64 (Enduro) the Originals 2001

NOTE: with Melissa Logan as guest. Melissa's notes: "this was a fun, fast project for the 'delete all data' compilation. thies & I were given a cd called 'input 64' with all these original c64 computer game sound tracks & were asked to make a track out of them. we chose some & then thies locked himself up to program & locked myself up to write. I wrote the text from a strange dream I had after my friend yoni in l.a. told me about the toltec teachings of theun mares ( later we (c.o.s.) reworked this with sand for a birmingham performance (fierce festival) which included really great trombone part."

Various Artists
Disko Cabine
Lou France (UK?)
13 June 2005
* 14. Melissa Logan & Argumentepanzer (=Ted Gaier/Die Goldene Zitronen): This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory, This Is A Conspiracy

NOTE: a mixed CD. [Info & MP3 samples]

Smash (CDS)
Virgin Schallplatten GmbH (GER)
30 April 2001
2. Kingdom Underground: We Don't Play Guitar-Mix (Vivid vs. Chicks on Speed) (3:46)

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