cHIcKs-o-gRApHy: gO ReCorDs inFo

"Go Records is a 7" label founded by ChicKs On Speed in April 1998."

"Go Records is now a sublabel to Disko B and its members comprise of Kiki Moorse, Melissa Logan, Alex Murray-Leslie and Upstart. The initial idea of Go was to create ten 7"'s, which would comprise mainly of remixes, but this idea soon became boring and the concept changed. Go has now developed into more of a forum of ideas, with the Chicks on one side and invited artists on the other other, or whole releases made together with various artists. It is the idea of communication and working together with people to find something out and then to release it. Go was also to be a very limited label, releasing only 500 copies at a time, this has now risen to 1000, due to popular demand."

"The Go graphic approach is worked out with the Chicks with special invited guests; including Factor Project München and Go artists." - CoS press info, 1999

NOTE: Go Records released the earliest CoS singles, continued then by the Chicks on Speed Records.


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