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Fenn  O'Berg

The Magic Sound of Fenn O'Berg (CD)
mego 031 / Mego (AUT)
December 1999

NOTE: "see the new mego release 'fenn o' berg'.
a collaboration between jim o'rourke, pita rehberg and fennesz.
the cover is a collage by us, this is fenn o' berg an imaginary creature, she is our newest monster. t-shirts will soon be available" - CoS

The Return of Fenn O'Berg (CD)
mego 054 / Mego (AUT) July 2002

NOTE: cover by Chicks on Speed.


Gerhard Potuznik & Ramon Bauer
Concorde+ (CD)
CDFIVE / Cheap (AUT)
May 1999

NOTE: Hints: Alex Murray-Leslie / Cover design: Chicks on Speed feat. Tina Frank.

Graphics @ Tina Frank site

GD Luxxe
Submission (CD/LP)
Breakin' Records (UK)
* Geisha Girl

NOTE: vocals by Alex of CoS. Also artwork by Chicks On Speed. (GD Luxxe = Gerhard Potuznik.)


Chicks  On  Speed