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Various Artists
The Adventures Of Jonathon Whiskey (compilation CD)
erik estrada whiskey 23 / Jonathon Whiskey/Norman Records 2000
* 7. Chicks on Speed - Post Police Razzia in the Le Corbusier Lounge Marseille (feat. Hecker)

NOTE: this track originally released on a split 7" with V/VM ( Arthur Whiskey 5, April 2000) - see CoS singles discography for full credits.
NOTE2: 1500 copies of this CD printed.

Various Artists
Analog Internet - Stop Records (A comp cassette)
stop 1 / Stop

Info @ msdos


Club Telex Noise Ensemble / Various Artists
phnnmlk-3 / pHinnMilk Recordings (Finland)
March 23, 2003
* 4. OKST - Unidentified Sound Objects 'Teenage Robot' mix
* 9. KVYCHX (feat. Chicks on Speed) - Every Kid On Speed Cut Up Chicks On Speed mix by Every Kid On Speed
* 14. KVYCHX (feat. Chicks on Speed) - Andrew Duke 'Never Go Home' mix
* 15. KVYCHX (feat. Chicks on Speed) - Luke Eargoggle mix

NOTE: these tracks feature CoS vocals.

Various Artists
Colette No. 5 (mix CD)
Colette (France)
* 11. Chicks on Speed feat. Peaches: Guitar Anthem

NOTE: a version of 'We Don't Play Guitars'. CoS appear also on other Colette compilations, more info hopefully later on.

Various Artists
Death Disco Club
D.D.C./T.A.T. 04 / Death Disco Club & Tete-à-Tete
* 3. Chicks on Speed feat. Sylvesterboy (0:27)

NOTE: recorded live at Death Disco event, Berlin-Alexanderplatz, Friday 1 September 2000. CoS announce here the performance of Sylvesterboy.

Various Artists
Electroklash (2-CD)
URB 011CD / Urban Theory (UK)
July 2002
* Chicks on Speed: ?

Various Artists
El Formato is the Challenge (CDR)
Alku 13 / Alku (Barcelona, Spain)
* 8. Chicks on Speed: Hard To Access Spaces DSI (*.vl)

Various Artists
45 Seconds of
Simball Records (UK)
February 2003
* Chicks on Speed: ?

"45 seconds of: is a unique compilation that combines 99 tracks from 84 artists of varying sub-genres and styles of electronic music into one 74-minute music quilt. Each track is exactly 45 seconds long with no fade-ins/outs and no 2-second space between tracks. The result a continuous collage which leaves the listener guessing where one track ends and the next begins.

Contributing artists include Martin Rev, COS (Chicks on Speed), DNTEL, DJ Spooky, Languis, Silver Apples, and many many more."

Various Artists
Heavenly Presents Live at the Social vol 3 (2-CD/3x12")
* Richard Fearless mix: Chicks On Speed - Eurotrash Girl

Various Artists
Ikebana: Merzbow's Amlux Rebuilt, Reused and Recycled (2-CD)
IMPREC-016 / Important Records (US)
6 May 2003
* Chicks On Speed: ?

NOTE: "Artists were asked to use Merzbow's album Amlux (imprec-02) as an instrument in an original composition, rather than to perform the conventional remix. We hoped that this would allow the artist to flourish with greater creative freedom and a less restrictive context. We didn't want to fit this project into any sub-genre of music. We wanted it to simply exist. Perhaps the beat oriented tracks, record scratching and vocals will annoy some Noise purists, and perhaps the noisy sound collages will irritate others, but hopefully this collection of tracks from some of the best electronic artists working today will enlighten the listener. Music is sound and sound is everywhere, regardless of classification."

"About Ikebana: The Japanese Art of Floral Arrangements Ikebana, or "the way of the flower" is the Japanese art of floral arrangement. It traveled to Japan with Chinese monks but the formalization of the Art occurred through many generations of devoted Japanese Masters.They developed progressive new forms from basic principles that had been previously established. Schools were set up to pass on the heritage to new generations and these became the workshops where the art was distilled to its essence.
The idea of applying the concepts of Ikebana to this sound project is simple. Artists on this album took something beautiful and changed its context without without compromising it's original meaning or beauty, and in the process created something totally new. As the art of Ikebana was passed down through generations, music has also been passed down. Sound has evolved in ways similar to all other art forms including Ikebana. Merzbow has been tremendously inspired and equally as inspirational. The artists on this album, who have all been tremendously inspired by Merzbow, use Merzbow's sound directly to create something uniquely their own, but directly related to the inspiration. Much like Ikebana this collection is an evolved and realised musical tradition.In its evolution it has become more beautiful without compromising the essence of it's origins. Ikebana Merzbow!" - Important Records

Malaria! Versus
Moabit / Universal
April 2001
* Chicks on Speed: Kaltes Klares Wasser

NOTE: 13 tracks, versions of Malaria! songs by CoS, Solex, Dr. Motte, DJ Koze, Thomas Fehlmann, etc.

Poptics (CD/lim. LP)
bung 066 / Bungalow
3 December 1999
* Chicks On Speed: Mind Your Own Business

CoS @ Poptics

re:  Kusaki

re: Kusaki (CD)
AK 008, Angelika Köhlermann
1 January 2001
* 1. Chicks On Speed: Eric

NOTE: a compilation of cover versions of songs by Michiko Kusaki (a.k.a. Anne Laplantine from France).

"the meanwhile legendary cd michiko kusaki in bright new clothes. her soft and melancholic songs were used and abused by some of todays most talented artists. they are all here: adult., sam & valley, console, obscurum, mixmup, dmx krew, gd luxxe, felix kubin, sylvester boy, bodenstaendig2000, pita, jo ashito, shinto feat. koneko, yoko tsuno, hypo, curd duca, chicks on speed. release date: 111100. this album rocks, baby. hard!" - Angelika Köhlermann press notes

[info & RA @ MDOS]

Sonar 2000 (compilation CD)
So Dens
* Chicks On Speed: ?

Unter unserem Himmel - Jetzt: Die Zündfunk CD
* 19. Chicks On Speed: Night of the Pedestrian

Voices In My Lunchbox Vol. 2 (12")
Plug Research, PR18MC4
October 1999
* Chicks On Speed vs. Potuznik & Bauer: Lisi, This Is House Music!

Voices In My Lunchbox (compilation CD)
Plug Research, pr19cd4
February 2000
* 5. Chicks On Speed vs. Potuznik & Bauer: Lisi, This Is House Music!

NOTE: The Voices In My Lunchbox series of releases are experiments with vocals in techno, house, electro & electronic music. This cd compiles the tracks from both 12" releases plus several new experiments added in.

The WMF Records Comp 1 - "Night Effect" compiled by DJ Highfish
wmfrec cd001
WMF Records, -> records
* 1. Intro (00:36)
by Kiki, Melissa, Alex, Mike, Chris, Tina
* 2. Chicks on Speed: Night of The Pedestrian (04:09)

lyrics by Logan/Moorse/Murray-Leslie
published by Tobi Neumann/Chicks on Speed; music by Tobi Neumann
published by Polygram Songs
produced by Tobi Neumann/Chicks on Speed

Xart Hybrid

Xart Hybrid - Documentation (compilation DC)
November 1999
* 5. Chicks on Speed mutated by Ramon Bauer & Gerhard Potuznik: Monsters (4:07)
[edits from xart live recording; processed at random studios; date of appearance in the xart hybrid project room: 01.03.99]

xart hybrid contact: phone +45 3314 8037, email

NOTE: "we are on the xart hybrid compilation (a project room in copenhagen) which was released in november, our contribution is from the monsters exhibition when we exhibited/played in copenhagen with gerhard potuznik and ramon bauer.
also includes trax by pole and rene and pete from hardwax + many more.
i think it's available at hardwax berlin." - CoS

"The xart hybrid cd is a documentation of series of events called xart hybrid in a project room in Copenhagen. The project lasted from November 1st 1998 to June 30th 1999 and was located in an old soybean oil factory at the harbour front. The intention with xart hybrid was to create an open space based on a variety of current innovations in sound and vision. In the period and at that location xart hybrid in collaboration with others arranged bars, parties, concerts and exhibitions. [ ... ]"

"[5] Monsters is a sound and visual project that took place in Marseilles in March 1999 and was an alliance between Gerhard Potuznik, Florian Hecker & Chicks on Speed, counting Kiki Moorse, Melissa Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie. It was then presented in a gallery in Marseilles and afterwards shown in the xart hybrid project room, where Ramon Bauer participated in the project instead of Hecker. At the xart hybrid cd the voices of the Chicks on Speed are mutated by Bauer and Potuznik." - Xart Hybrid press info

Yukari Fresh
Break Remixes (12")
ESC065, Escalator Records (Japan)
23 September 2004
* B1. Break - Chicks On Speed Remix

Yukari Fresh
New Album (CD)
Escalator Records (Japan)
14 February 2005
* Break - Chicks on Speed Remix


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