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The Best Of Barbara Brockhaus

CD (digipack, incl. 2 Bonusvideos) / LP limited to 1000 copies on RED VINYL
Chicks On Speed Records / COSR 11
EFA number: 29911-2/1
Release: 18.4.2003

ANGIE REED is an Italian/American performer and artist living in Berlin, who, having tickled the strings of the electric and bass guitar for STEREO TOTAL, has also been in various other bands such as ANGIE ET SES TIGRES. She has been on tour with her "Barbara Brockhaus Secretary Show" with various artists such as AAVIKKO, CHILLY GONZALES, PEACHES, DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN, DARIUS JAMES and JIM AVIGNON. "The Best Of Barbara Brockhaus" portrays a bored secretary, Barbara, who keeps herself from drowning in the monotony of an everyday office life, with spicy hot fantasies depicted from slide projections of her drawings and music."The Best Of Barbara Brockhaus" ... Music For The Lazy And Not The BureaucraZy! fondles a variety of music types that will wax your ears nonetheless bring you to tears. Is it Hip Hop? We think not, but it's Hip Flop with a drop of Garage Rock and a dab of that Ghetto Techno, you know, elegantly garnished with a dash of roots of Ms. Reed, country weed and a song called "No Pony". Dig songs about Ding-Dongs one foot long all night long ("I Think I Luv Him") and learn what the "Psychic Dick" predicts. For da muddah-fukkas there's "I Don't Do Dirty Work, Sucka!" (co-written by Patric Catani from the PUPPETMASTAZ who also produced the album). But, if you're in for some exotic heat, well, meet "Habibi" and "Jungle Gigolo" (featuring GONZALES and co-written by another PUPPET-MASTA, Bomb 20). Can't say no to "Cosmo Ho" also a promising track, as a matter of fact! Go crazy and dance to "Lose Those Pants", "Brockaround", "Disco Club", "Tripple Nipple", and "Nocturnal Itch", which also bitch! The Album contains a fancy booklet with exclusive drawings from the "Barbara Brockhaus Show" and the CD-version features 2 videos for "Cosmo Ho" and "Nocturnal Itch".

Interview @ Dorfdisco Berlin

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