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Ana Da Silva
The Lighthouse (CD)
1 November 2004 / 14 February 2005 (UK) /08 February 2005 (USA)
1. friend
2. two windows over the wings
3. running in the rain
4. the lighthouse
5. hospital window
6. modinha
7. in awe of a painting
8. sister
9. disco ball
10. climbing walls

Press release notes:

The Raincoats always collaborated on ideas and songs - and played guitars! With this album, The Lighthouse, ANA DA SILVA wanted to do something different Ė something she hadnít done before.
She decided to buy a small digital instrument which has lots of sounds, a mini keyboard, and a sequencer (you can programme all the notes and beats into its memory) All of the album, except Modinha, was recorded with this instrument and her voice onto an eight track digital recorder. Sometimes this was all very overwhelming, but at least itís all as she wants it to be, having written, played, recorded and mixed the whole album herself.
For her, making The Lighthouse was a really challenging and stimulating experience Ė she wants the songs to express feelings and to create worlds in which the listener can roam in their own particular way.
The album also features a guest appearance of Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants)! A limited 7" single with one non-album track will be out before Christmas.

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