No Alternatives

Living on the minimum wage
this is the New Age

Her name is Dolly
she carries her earthly possessions
around in a shopping trolley

They gave us no alternatives
they gave us no alternatives
they gave us no alternatives

I listen to your voice
telling me I've got no choice
You pee down from your ivory tower
tax cuts can't buy more purchase power

Nine to five is such a drag
at least you don't have to live in a shack
More flexible working life
you'll rest in your afterlife

You tell us to squeeze our belts tighter
while you go on with your fat life
Saying we should see things brighter
and the expensive taste of your wife

They gave you a pink slip
and your boss a golden handshake
Replaced by the microchip
someone should have hit the brake

Let's demonise the underclass
they are lazy, stupid and ugly
Together cry the high brass
let's treat them roughly


She used to work till eleven
she held a 12-gauge shotgun
told her children:
"don't cry, we'll meet in heaven"

Quartal cashflow, innovative cluster, drastic growth in global business, 
global networking, brain leak, budget deficit
Engage in you brave fight against the windmills

Welfare society is not cost-efficient enough
outsourcing, competition
They'll call our bluff

We should work twice as much
with a pay half as much
For the elite to get twice as much
'cause their tax cuts are a nice touch

Corporate takeover
shareholders, roll over
You buy their jingo
you talk their lingo
The economy gibberish
and bullshit bingo

Human shields for economy
brainwashing and lobotomy
A field experiment in social Darwinism
it's the scam called capitalism

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