Never Go Home (with Chicks on Speed)

You ran away from bush fever
you were always an eager beaver
Took a flight from it all
didn't show up at the roll call
Dropped out of the art school
Herr Professor, he was such a fool

You got the answer from I-Ching
decided to start your own thing


Never go home
never go home
never go home

Day-glo warpaint and gaffa tape dress
paved the way to your success
Trash glamour like Raggedy Ann
was going to be better than any man

You defy gravity
you talk in graffiti
Barbarella meets Godzilla
it's the all-time Girl Monster thrilla

Wreaking havoc wherever you go
the Hyde Park show was an all-time low
Bottled by the corporate rock fans
security guards who gave you no chance
Dragged off the stage in Cordoba sham
Chicks betrayed by an insurance scam

A time to leave behind this place
you still have a constant grin on your face
Quicker than mercury through the funnel
you're still the light at the end of my tunnel

Travelling around the world giving your lessons
"We may not have the answers, 
but we do have the questions"

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