Metal Sky

Out of the metal sky there
black steel vultures with opaque eyes
black smoke fills the air
acrid and stinging your eyes

They're circling above you
their satellite located you
you can taste the metal in your mouth
the armies are heading south

Her eyes are cathode ray tubes
she's got machine guns for her boobs

A scarecrow on no man's land
watches the evening news
The inhabitants of dolls' house 
are paralyzed by fear 
the metal sky is coming near

Everybody's talking 'bout freedom these days
freedom which vanished in a haze

Like the merciless sun on a winter's day
shines on brightly but gives no warmth
A graveyard chill goes through the hole
that is called my soul

Frozen concrete tells no stories 
nameless crowd in a monochrome town
We wander faceless under the grey skies
year after year

Landlocked and dreaming 'bout the sea
earthbound and dreaming 'bout the sky
A smokestack spews out vapour trail
my helpless head chained to a steel rail

It couldn't have happened here
but the metal sky's coming near

Metal people, metal sky
metal streets flowing by

A blind man leads the parade
it's the consumers' escapade

Metal people, metal sky
metal streets flowing by

Struggling through the sleet and slush
weary footprints turn to mush

Stuck on a hopeless rut
people's eyelids sewn shut

Hibernating citizens
fed by TV's blue milk
it's bound to please their -- ilk

Metal Sky

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