(I Hate Myself For) Loving You

I regret the day I first set my eyes on you
I was so alone, I had no clue
There was something in you that beckoned me
couldn't help it, like a moth to the flame
I couldn't resist it, now it take the blame


I hate myself for loving you
I hate myself for loving you
I hate myself for loving you

My love for you was paved with good intentions
now I think they were only pretensions
How could have I known you were so twisted and broken
your soul full of secrets unspoken


A lifetime filled with abuse and lies
stories of your daddy and a bunch of other guys
You told me your tale of your life of hurt
you made me wallow through your dirt

I was na´ve enough to think I could help you
you said my plans to save you from dragons always fell through
What you called my erotic rescue fantasies you mocked
there was no way to get your soul unlocked


I used to drink away your tears 
but they poisoned me
I used to eat up your fears
and you despised me for my efforts


Always in trouble, begging me to save your skin
always breaking up, you went out the door you came in
Always seeking sympathy, so you become a victim
always flirting around to fulfill your narcissism


Easily influenced, easily excited, easily bored
ever so impressionable, life with you is a constant war
Self-destructive and totally self-absorbed
I don't want to be your father confessor any more

You treat me as your teddy bear and punching bag
sometimes I think for you I'm just a dishrag
You never listen to a word I say
I never listen to a word you say
It's a nice monologue for two
I just want to get away from you

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