Gothic Robots

You don't want to see the sun
you don't want to have some fun
You don't want to go to beach
you don't want to eat ice cream

You're the thin white youth
to tell you the truth
Can't stand the daylight
like corpses, stiff and white


You are the gothic robots
you are the gothic robots
you are the gothic robots

You wear mirrorshades
tempted by razorblades
Fashionably suicidal
angst lies never idle


Cybernetic Dracula
electronic Vampirella
We never see you smile
that's the undead style


It happens so often
you sleep in a coffin
I just heard a rumour
unintentional humour

Rubber, latex, PVC
horror movie on TV
Black leather overcoat
hit your fangs to my throat


You think what does the trick
is the black lipstick
You live in Batcave
you're a fashion slave

Bottle-black ravenhair
gloom hangs in the air
You think you're so cool
you look like a fool


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