I'm a lonely freak 
and people laugh at me 
behind my back

But I don't really care 
no feelings to spare 
I'm not going to crack

So many people turn their heads away 
when they see me, 
pretend I don't exist or I'm invisible
To be or not to be?

My so called friends 
who used to say hello 
don't know me any more 
I must have my name on someone's shit list 
but all details are covered in the mist

I don't feel emotions
I just go through the motions
I don't really feel a thing
I don't complain and I don't explain
I must have my soul missing
No matter how hard I try
I can't shed one little tear
Maintaining my composure
I'm unable to cry
I stare myself for hours in the mirror
to see if I'm really there
A failing strategy
wasted lives make waste,
not tragedy

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