Driving from town to town
like flagellants
Stars shimmering
in the hair of Magellan

You searched for your Holy Grail
but it was to no avail
it was as flimsy as a vapour trail

You're the daughters and sons
of toxic waste, radiation
and cultural eradication


the production of light
by living organisms

you glow in the dark
you must avoid the shark

You're the fluorescent fish that live in
the depths of murky black ocean where no one goes
Driven by fierce undertows
landlubbers keep wailing in their throes

Only dead fish float
you must plumb the depths
No time to bloat
ride along the jets

Bioluminescence, that's you essence
Bioluminescence, that's your essence
Bioluminescence, that's your essence

The night is throbbing, pulsating away
you know you're not going to stay
Everything is wasted in this little town
you'd better get away before you drown

Return to the ocean, return to the sea
where from the foam rises Afrodite

Bioluminescence, that's your essence
Bioluminescence, that's your essence

(chorus x 2)

Captain Ahab, where are you now, when we need you the most?
But your shipwreck stranded on the coast
In the belly of the whale like Jonah
You almost lost all your hope, ah

They'll never put you in an aquarium
you're not the goldfish
Keep swimming, keep swimming
never surface

(chorus x 2)

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