Kompleksi kompleksi are mike not & pHinn from tampere, finland.

it means "complex" in Finnish if you didn't make it out.

mike not mostly plays keyboards, programs, arranges and produces. pHinn writes words and a bit of music, abuses keyboards (mostly cheap Yamaha Portasound), and makes some sounds that might distantly be called vocals.

file under: post-industrial soul

influences? beats me. maybe a bit of new order, kraftwerk, early 80s synthpop, chicks on speed, adult., i-f, meat beat manifesto, syd barrett & early floyd, iggy pop & the stooges, scott walker, david bowie, prince, juan atkins, psychedelia, question mark and the mysterians, the monks & other 60s garage punk... and tons of others. mike not likes marilyn manson, nine inch nails and skinny puppy.