Artist: Kelpe
Title: Sea Inside Body
Label: DC Recordings (UK)
Cat. No: DC53
Format: 2LP/CD
Release Date: 6 September 2004

1. Ice Cream Knife Handle 
2. Sickly Situation 
3. Growth 
4. Nat's Twirly Mug 
5. Age Sculpture 
6. Keep Danger 
7. Overland But Underwater 
8. Grappling Hook 
9. Age Concerns 
10. Knock, Turn 
11. Care of Presto Mini 
12. There's A Sea In Your Body 
13. Sylvania 
14. Petrified 
15. Panpipe Dreams (Goodnight) 

Kelpe releases debut album, 'Sea Inside Body' on September the 6th 2004

Inside your body, there's a multitude of different creatures all swimming around, feeding off each other and the meat which walls their watery dwellings. These creatures grow up, make connections with their surroundings, fall in love and start families. The life cycle then goes on, evolving hundreds of times quicker than the world outside the skin. 'Sea Inside Body' is about sparing a thought for the ocean inside us all, and the life inside which is as valid as our own.

Kel McKeown releases his debut album 'Sea Inside Body' on DC Recordings on September 6th 2004, an album that attempts to interpret Kel's vision of aquatic-like life-forms, existing within the internal human anatomy, into audio form.

Following the heralded sebut EP 'The People Are Trying To Sleep' in November '03 (which has drawn admirable comparisons with the likes of Dabrye, Boards of Canada and Four Tet), 'Sea Inside Body' was produced at Kel's North London flat, situated above the Presto mini market. With little more than a laptop and a microphone, he chooses to manipulate sounds recorded at home and work, rather than rely on expensive synthesizers and studio equipment.

'Sea Inside Body' exudes a warmth and soul so often absent from much electronic music. Fusing elements of ambient, hip hop and electronica, Kel has created an album so diverse in its make-up as the human body it is so influenced by.

With the texturally rich, womb-like pulse of album opener 'Ice Cream Knife Handle', the twitchy, glitch-ridden lullaby of 'Age Sculpture', the dark and bowel-wrenching beats of 'Grappling Hook', and the throbbing, filtered nursery rhythms of 'There's A Sea In Your Body', these offering display a complexity and innocence far beyond the usual restraints of digitally produced music.

To instill a dark sense of humour into the album, Kel has peppered the tracks with musical interludes featuring badly-acted, soulless female vocals, discussing their troubles and aspirations. Sourcing the dialogue from his day job as a video editor, and juxtaposing it with a varied selection of unsettling soundscapes, these interludes provide the album with a melancholic but amusing narrative.

'Sea Inside Body' is testament to one man's fascination with micro-organisms and his romanticising of their everyday lives. Setting these tales of love and loss to an orchestrated electronic ocean of sound, this is the soundtrack to their largely unnoticed existence.

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