The Octagon Man - Magneton

Artist: The Octagon Man
Title: Magneton
Label: DC Recordings (UK)
Cat. No: DC55
Release Date: 23 June 2003

Track listing:
1. Genotype X 
2. Elff 
3. Kwaidan 
4. Vidd 
5. Nova Wave 
6. Metron Wave 
7. Chromozoid Fly 
8. Skanning Pattern 
9. All The Happy Robots (Featuring Eboman) 

All tracks written & produced by J. Saul Kane. 
Recorded @ Iron Monkey except "All The Happy Robots" written & produced by
Jeroen Hofs & J. Saul Kane. Recorded @ Sample Madness HQ Holland. 
(p) & © 2003 DC Recordings. Published by Schnozza Music. 

'J. Saul Kane; musician, entertainer, animal lover/hater!'

London, 23 June 2003 -- After a chance meeting with a member of the NMPFF ('No More Pain For Fluffy'), an underground animal liberation organisation, in the back room of Eve's Café, Portobello Road, Kane was introduced to the horrific mental and physical abuse being carried out on unsuspecting hamsters/ferrets/squirrels and other notable rodents by Magneton Industries, Mid-Glamorgan.

Kane's hunger for his vegetarian sausage sandwich evaporated as Swampy recalled details of the company's secretly commissioned projecy to create landmine seek-and-destroy units to replace regular infantry. He described in graphic detail the procedure for implanting super-powered magnets into the paws of the mammals, which would then be sent to the frontline to clear landmines, not through choice but through magnetic attraction and inevitable death.

Outraged and disgusted by this, Kane organised a sabotage mission to liberate the animals. A crack team of tree-hugging professionals penetrated the outer wall and released the animals from their cages. In the excitement Kane grabbed a solemn yet clearly delighted hamster, Vincent, which he took home to his Iron Monkey studio.

After several years of blood, sweat and tears, J. Saul Kane's third Octagon Man album was ready for release. Kane had the only DAT copy of the album in his studio waiting to go to press and whilst familiarising Vincent with his new home, the magnetic marsupial inadvertently stood on said DAT and erased its contents. Furious at Vincent for losing what he considered to be his most accomplished electro album to date, Kane's love for the hamster quickly turned sour.

While scouring the Internet for a rodent sanctuary that would take Vincent, Kane stumbled across a procedure for turning DNA mapping into musical score. It was recently discovered that the double helix formation of DNA strands can be translated onto a music box movement to create a completely unique genetic composition.

'Eureka', exclaimed Kane, the idea was born. Vincent's destiny was decided. He would become the third Octagon Man album... literally!

Highly regarded for his technical prowess and pioneering electro output, Kane immediately modified his battered but trusted ZX Spectrum (using a mallet, hairdryer components and gaffa tape) and set about turning Vincent's DNA mapping into sound waves via his laptop and after a lengthy editing and manipulation process the new Octagon Man album was born.

'So sit back and listen to the sounds of the electro hamster...'

DC Recordings
231 Portobello Road
W11 1 LT
UK - James Dyer, Label Manager

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