Artist: Kelpe
Title: The People Are Trying To Sleep
Label: DC Recordings (UK)
Cat. No: DC48
Format: 12"
Release Date: 24 November 2003

Track listing:
A1) Half Spun
A2) Babycom
B1) Waval Gust
B2) Brockholes

Kel McKeown steps out of bedroom obscurity with a highly accomplished debut EP 'The People Are Trying To Sleep' due for release on the 24th November 2003. Armed with just his home PC, various household objects and a minidisk full of field recordings, 'The People Are Trying To Sleep' is an imaginative voyage into the world of electronic music.

From the very beginning of 'Half Spun' complex, yet finely crafted, staccato beats twitch and fidget while a rich melody pulsates in and out of focus, all the while camouflaging a multitude of bleeps and glitches. The slightly paranoid feel then subsides to reveal the altogether warmer flow of 'Babycom'. 'Waval Gust' sets angular rhythms against a harmonically dense backdrop and is again testament to Kel's programming dexterity, leaving the bass & string led 'Brockholes', with its distinctive aquatic feel.

Recording exclusively on computer and with limited resources Kelpe's conversant sense of arrangement, unique library of source sounds and finely tuned ear for detail have brought a warmth into what can sometimes be a cold digital arena.

DC Recordings
231 Portobello Road
W11 1 LT
UK - James Dyer, Label Manager

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