Artist: Clause Four
Title: Blue On Blue
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR83
Format: 12"/digital download
Release Date: 02.07.07

Track listing:
A1. Blue On Blue
A2. Version (#1)
A3. Version (#2)
B1. Division
B2. Walking
B3. Soul (Version)

When Tom Giles got his first 8-bit micro computer, he knew immediately that his life would never be the same again. The imperfect charm of the cumbersome bitmap font, the sweet anticipation as the five and the quarter inch floppy whirred and clicked its way through byte after byte. At last, he thought, the future has arrived!

Years have now passed and the 8-bit future with it, but not so for Giles. The compound memories of the childhood gamer years have haunted him like a recurring audiovisual flashback. Pixellated spacecraft loom in his peripheral vision. He randomly hears bleeps and glitches. His sleep is plagued by fantasies of softly spoken women talking in programming language over arrhythmic sound shapes.

Ignored by an unsympathetic medical profession, he found no respite for his condition until chancing upon a representative of DC Recordings in the self-help section of the Ladbroke Grove book exchange. Therapeutic musical treatment was mooted and after a few preparatory sessions Giles agreed to have his brain wired up to a vintage Korg SQ10. The results were miraculous. The neurological back-log expressed itself as a sonic version of his condensed psychic history, a bizarre arrangement of sounds and musical echoes that are weirdly compelling to listen to. Dizzy with relief, Giles decreed that the world must hear these unsavoury fruits of his mind and so began Clause Four. Treatment continues.

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