Artist: Kelpe
Title: Ex-Aquarium
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR82
Format: LP/CD/digital download
Release Date: 25 February 2008

It has been a lengthy hiatus since Kelpe's last offerings: 2005's "Sunburnt Eyelids" (DCR63) and 2004's acclaimed "Sea Inside Body" album (DC53) that preceded it. What indeed has Kel McKeown been doing with himself in this time? On listening to "Ex-Aquarium" it becomes apparent: scouring the shallows near the tideline and plucking shiny sounds from the brine, plumbing the depths for echoing cetacean drones and perfecting his table tennis skills on the lakeshores of Europe...

During all of this, the cult of the manphibian has swollen its ranks; bolstered by live Kelpe appearances the world over, and peaked by snippets of new material such as "Yippee Space Ghost" (as found on DC's "Death Before Distemper" (DCR73) compilation) which has been reworked here with guest vocals from Sid Mahoney, age 2. A salty air of anticipation hangs about the creaking DC vessel as we prepare to launch this new Kelpe offering.

"Shipwreck Glue" oozes and gripes like a writhing leviathan amidst an unsettling din of cowbells and ping pong staccatos. "Whirlwound" swaggers and swells like a rhythmic ocean overture; "Bread Machine Bred" sounds like a whirring automaton making strange maneuvers in the deep. This new breed of musical creations marks an evolution in Kelpe's sound in the direction of live instrumentation as McKeown himself gets behind the drum kit, beating out the rhythm as his new wave of sonic mutations emerge triumphantly from the whitewater.

To accompany the release of "Ex-Aquarium" Kelpe will be playing selected live dated across Europe in the spring of 2008. For more information, check or

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