Artist: The Oscillation
Title: Out Of Phase
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR70
Format: CD/2-LP
Release Date: 15.10.07

The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and producer Demian Castellanos, The Oscillation has risen out of the ashes of the critically acclaimed Orichalc Phase (two 12" only releases for DC Recordings in 2006).

The tracks on "Out Of Phase" show an artist who is as comfortable making pop song as expansive psychedelic freakout. Tracks like "Respond In Silence" demand comparison with the harder edge of the 70's Krautrock scene. The lambent vocals tones of "Hear Your Sadness" recall bands like Spiritualized or Loop at their most medicated, "Liquid Memoryman" like The Ruts battling their way out of an echo chamber to a background of white noise.

Track 5 is the single "Head Hang Low", a blissed-out reworking of Julian Cope's moribund ballad from 1984 newly rendered by Castellanos into a bittersweet dose of pop melancholia. The single will be released as a limited one-sided etched 7" and multiple download on 8th October, including remixes by Chrome Hoof, Depth Charge, Muscleheads, Kelpe, and more. The release will also be accompanied by a video and a nationwide tour.

Having already worked with such luminaries as producer Tim Holmes from Death In Vegas, as well as a new forthcoming project with a member of Chrome Hoof, Castellanos' position amongst the cream of the UK's music fraternity will seem inevitable to anyone who hears The Oscillation.

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