Artist: Arcadion
Title: Fly Vision
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR104
Format: 12" / digital download
Release Date: 25 May 2009

Following in the still massive wake of his debut single "Ghost Feeder" (DCR97) comes this huge bulge of sonic outrage that sees Arcadion, a.k.a. Alan Dobson's P-funk obsession go one step further.

Title track 'Fly Vision' is a monstrous arrangement of funked-up genius that features a super-heavy bassline, a howling vocoder and diverse ensemble of pots and pans. This is P-funk for the new millennia! 'Fly Vision Reprise' takes these pots and pans (and adds a cardboard box) to make a fully percussive two minutes of rhythmic fury -- a perfectly formed DJ weapon to use with or without the original.

Third track 'Torque' is a more stripped-back affair, seismic with bass and frantic with go-go rhythms. This is a truly deviant groove that will cook the party!

These track represent the second installment from Arcadion and will hint at the size of things to come in Arcadion's forthcoming album due later in 2009...

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