Artist: Various Artists
Title: Death Before Distemper - Mixed & Re-Edited by Kelpe
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR103
Format: CD
Release Date: 7 September 2009

Close on the heels of the Death Before Distemper 3, which saw The Idjut Boys mix up the more discofied elements of the DC catalogue into a succulent melting pot, comes Part 4 in the series -- a crunched-up counterpart to the Idjuts mix that has been assembled by DC's own aquatic beat-monger KELPE.

Given the run of the label's catalogue, but with the emphasis this time on the earlier and more experimental side, Kelpe splices and dices material by DC protagonists old and new to create strange and unlikely hybrids. Moving rapidly through material (forty eight tracks are featured in around forty-six minutes), the results are a beguiling mix that present the sounds of DC Recordings in some startling new ways...

The frenzied beats of Depth Charge's formative work rubs shoulders with the psychotic fury of Booze; the smooth glassy funk of Tom Tyler combines majestically with atmospheric beats of Big Two Hundred; Octagon Man's proto-techno is fused with the cosmic pop of Higamos Hogamos...

This mix precedes Kelpe's brand new studio album Cambio Wechsel, which will be released in October 2009, and forms the continuation of the Death Before Distemper series that began with the original 2006 compilation (DCR76), 2008's Revenge of the Iron Ferret (DCR89) and the aforementioned Idjut Boys mix (DCR95) that was released in spring 2009.

To be continued...

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