Artist: Vincent Markowski
Title: Dirty Capsules
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR101
Format: 12" / digital download
Release Date: 8 December 2008

More than two years have passed since Vincent Markowski delivered his remarkable musical debut 'The Madness of Moths'. The record itself was an ode to his obsession with butterflies and moths, and it was not out of character for these ways to lead him off into obscurity for a year or two, but little did we know how far this self-professed moth-man would drift this time.

Perhaps inspired by label cohorts The Emperor Machine, The Oscillation et al, Markowski has fixed his gaze firmly on the cosmos. Trading on his reputation as a celebrity lepidopterist he travelled to Russia in search of cosmonautical aid, the relics of the ex-Soviet space programme proving to be well within the grasp of such a famed moth-man. Quickly he was furnished with a vintage rocket and capsule, or "space-chrysalis" as he tells us it is called, and secured a launch from the cosmodrome in Baikonur. It was with great delight in August that we received the first transmission from Markowski as the orbit of his capsule came within range of DC's giant London-based parabolic ear, and with further delight we now present two excerpts from this transmission.

'Dirty Capsules' features shades of 'The Madness of Moths' with its echoing pulse, bass-driven melody, snatches of incomprehensible lyrics and haunting ambient atmospheres. 'The Number Arkiv' is an energic affair that features a rare dose of Markowski's own voice reciting numbers, part of his regime of mental calisthenics to prevent mental deterioration whilst in space. Expect more outbursts very soon as Markowski's capsule increases in velocity.

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