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Artist: Big Two Hundred
Title: Your Personal Filth
Label: DC Recordings (UK)
Cat. No: DC43LP/CD (2LP/CD)
Release Date:  14 October 2002

1. UK Decay 
2. Your Personal Filth 
3. Doorstep Discovery 
4. Suckee 
5. Kog 
6. Let It Bleed 
7. Replaceable Head 
8. Approach & Pass with Contact 
9. Drum Spell 

Big Two Hundred's Personal Filth!

London, 14 October 2002 -- Big Two Hundred is Andy Meecham (bass guitar, lead guitar, synths and noises), Dean Meredith (drums, percussion and effects), Dave Atherton (vocals) and Jonny Mushroom (vocals). Their debut, released earlier this year, was the limited edition 'UK Decay' 7". Now the Stafford-based collective presents their debut album 'Your Personal Filth' on the 14th October 2002, through DC Recordings.

Andy and Dean have already received critical acclaim through their work under the Chicken Lips (Kingsize Records) guise; however, under the Big Two Hundred moniker the pair adopt a more experimental mood and embrace a multitude of musical directions.

The album was created via a process of multi-tracking live instrumentation through vintage equipment and then recording onto early 70's quarter-inch tape, unearthed at a local boot-fair, a production technique that resulted in a heavily retrospective sound.

'Your Personal Filth' is a tribute to the diverse musical influences of the band. The attitude of early 80's, garage punk drives tracks like 'Let It Bleed' and 'Replaceable Head', while quirky psychedelic funk is prevalent in 'Doorstep Discovery' and 'Kog'. 'Suckee' and 'Approach & Pass with Contact' sound like dub-drenched disco being emitted from King Tubby's Echo Chamber and the limbic percussion jams your 'Your Personal Filth' and 'Drum Spell' add a further twist to the already eclectic selection.

Big Two Hundred have managed to amalgamate a spectrum of genres with blatant disregards for boundaries and formulae, while maintaining a resolutely British character.


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